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WAP321 - high ping response times


Hi all,

We are facing a issue with the WAP321.

Our wireless clients are facing communication issues  We can see a high response times during the ping tests.

LAN clients are working fine. 

the Signal level is excellent -30 dBM
the Noise level has a variation between -84dBm and -89dBm, but the SNR is good.

We have four WAP31 with the same behavior.

We have about 20 users per ap 
We tryed let a client per ap, but we faced the same behavior


What  could cause this behavior ? 

Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=215ms TTL=64
Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=231ms TTL=64
Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=57ms TTL=64
Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=547ms TTL=64
Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=135ms TTL=64
Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=130ms TTL=64
Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=2ms TTL=64
Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=1ms TTL=64
Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=471ms TTL=64

Radio statistics:

FCS Error Count:1,611,600 Transmit Retry Count:117,782
ACK Failure Count:804,419 RTS Failure Count:394,566
WEP Undecryptable Count:11,253 RTS Success Count:883,792
   Multiple Retry Count:52,120
   Frames Transmitted Count:26,217,300









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We have the same issue with a WAP551 and a WAP561. Response time is incredibly slow, with n average response time of 400ms (between 100ms and 1200ms!!)

They are up to date with the last firmware.

We have tried :

- Disable Bonjour
- Set a static channel per radio
- Use WPA2 purely
- Disable Bandwidth utilization, disable green power ethernet
- Disable frameburst support
- Enable broadcast/multicast rate limit
- Manually set channel to 6 and 11

We also have many disconnections :

Nov 27 2014 13:24:57debughostapd[2807]station: 00:23:14:1e:a3:94 deauthenticated 
Nov 27 2014 13:24:57infohostapd[2807]STA 00:23:14:1e:a3:94 deauthed from BSSID 68:86:a7:fc:2a:51 reason 3: STA is leaving IBSS or ESS 
Nov 27 2014 13:18:21debughostapd[2807]station: 4c:b1:99:e6:94:50 deauthenticated 
Nov 27 2014 13:18:21infohostapd[2807]

STA 4c:b1:99:e6:94:50 disassociated from BSSID 68:86:a7:fc:2a:51 reason 8: Sending STA is leaving BSS

Nov 27 2014 13:05:48debughostapd[2807]station: 4c:b1:99:e6:94:50 deauthenticated 
Nov 27 2014 13:05:48infohostapd[2807]STA 4c:b1:99:e6:94:50 deauthed from BSSID 68:86:a7:fc:2a:51 reason 3: STA is leaving IBSS or ESS


And very fiew connected users / trafic :

AP LocationUser MACIdleRate (Mbps)SignalRx TotalTx TotalError Rate
OpenSpace Commerciaux00:23:14:1E:A3:9410137790320
OpenSpace Commerciaux14:10:9F:8C:D2:59111319434442180
OpenSpace Commerciaux60:03:08:DB:D3:3714144