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WAP321 severe packet loss with Intel 2200 series cards

I am having severe packet loss issues with my WAP321s and Intel wireless adapters, specifically 2200bg, 2200n, and 2230n. I get occasional complete dropouts for over 1 minute at a time, and average of 30% packet loss on a ping test (varies from 10% to 50% on shorter tests).  I have a total of 8 WAP321 in a cluster with single point setup, but I have tested a single AP separate from the cluster with identical results.

Things I have tried on WAP321:

Set radio to b/g only, set radio to n only.

disabled QoS and WMM

disabled WPS

disable Bandwidth utilization

change fragmentation and RTS thresholds.

change transmit power

change beacon interval

tried unsecured as well as WPA2-Personal

20Mhz channel width and 20/40.

Things I have tried on the Intel cards:

disable power management

disable n mode

change transmit power settings

change roaming aggressiveness

disable bluetooth AMP

channel 20Mhz or Auto

3 different Intel Drivers including current 16.1.1.

Has anyone had any experience with this combination of hardware, and do you have any solutions?


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