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WAP371 Changed PID from Europe to America



I have two WAP371 both purchased from a vendor in Germany (in January 2016) and they both had originally an Europe PID (WAP371-E-K9) with a valid serial. I update both routers to the new firmware After that I wanted to manage my Cluster (Single Point Setup) but wasn't able to join the two APs. After a while of searching for the cause I recognized that one APs PID changed to (WAP371-A-K9 V01) with a strange serial number (53012) which is never a valid serial from cisco. Can anyone please advise how this can happen and how I can reassign the correct PID and Serial (I have stored them in Cisco My Device). Otherwise I'm not able to setup the cluster....


Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Good Morning,


There is a current open bug with the latest version of firmware on the WAP371 that doesn't allow the devices to join a cluster, please process a downgrade to on both units and remember that all the devices in the cluster needs to have the same active firmware version.


Here's the link for the firmware:!pp





sorry for my late answer but I sent the faulty device to the dealer which came back with the same suggestion and told me I should contact the manufacturer. So I downgraded both devices to FW, which sadly didn't solve the problem. See attached picture from both devices (I scrambled the last two digits of the mac address). As stated in my prior description the PID and Serial Number changed in one device. I'm able to manipulate the PID via edited config file, but the Serial still remains. After changing the PID and rebooting to factory default settings, my changes disappear and the PID changes again to America and the strange  Serial Number. So I have no clue how to fix this issue and how to get both devices into the cluster. I assume the cluster issue has something to do with the wrong PID (default factory settings) which came up with the update.


So any help from your side is highly appreciated.




I have exactly the same problem with one of my WAP371 - it even defaults to the same serial number (53012) !


Is an RMA required for this WAP?

I opened a ticket (as mine is still under warranty), so we'll see with what they come back. As in my previous post described I send the WAP back to my dealer which returned it back to me and the advise to contact Cisco. 

So today the told me the RMA to return the WAP and I'll get a "new" one

Do we have an eta as to when new firmware will be released to resolve the issue of joining a cluster ? This is very frustrating . Thank you.

I bought 3 WAP 371 in Europe. All are backside labeled with "E" and V03.

All 3 were E and V03 under management.

After Firmware-Update to of 1 of 3 devices shows it as "A" and V01.

Tried to revert to, now it shows A and V01 but with firmware 

So firmwarestatus changed, but not A to E - it's the E-Firmware!!


My question is: should I destroy them and buy ubi's? After all I read they are much more reliable as Cisco nowadays.

If Cisco isn't able to offer working firmware-updates, they are getting more questionable and useless.


Any other ideas before I talk to my advocate?



Hi, I have same issue. Do you have some way to fix this without RMA? Because our device is out of warranty now. Thanks for help.

Cisco resolved this for me through a RMA replacement as well.


I would check whether you can get this replaced under the lifetime warranty as this issue is clearly faulty hardware.

same issue here