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wap371 in a cluster are rebooting every 3-4 days


My customer is having 3 Cisco WAP371, running with the latest firmware

Two of them were running in a Cluster made with Single Point Setup and where already rebooting every 3 or 4 days.
I've joined the third one into this cluster and it's having the same behaviour since this moment.

Is there a way to fix this without disabling the SPS?

Best regards


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Sadly I have no answer as I

Sadly I have no answer as I have not encountered this issue.  However, I recently purchased two WAP571 units and hooked them up to my old PoE switch which does 802.3af (older PoE). I got a warning upon logging into the WAP that several functions and radios will not be enabled due to lack of power.  Perhaps you have a PoE device that is old or something and maybe that contirbutes?  

Also please ensure temperature is not an issue, these units will reboot if overheating.  Sorry I don't have a better answer though.  




I hope you are doing well, my name is Jonathan and I am part of the Small Business department here at Cisco.

I apologize for any inconvenience with these units, please let us know what is the topology like on your building, as well let us know the following.

-have you done any factory resets and reflash on the units and reconfigured the unit from scratch to see if the current configuration might be corrupted?

-have you tested a different firmware version maybe and check if the units continue to reboot.

-if you still have the problem, i suggest to open a case with us so that we can check the units as well.



Thanks both of you for your

Thanks both of you for your answers.
My apologies if I took long before giving an update.

I did fixed the problem by changing the structure of the network.
Previously, the WAP371 were distributed on two switch that were connected directly to a Cisco RV320. Now both switch are connected together and one of them is connected to the RV320. Since then, I did not get any reboot for month...

I did two diagrams if you want to see a clearer view of my config.


Well that is very interesting

Well that is very interesting, and very odd.  Did you simply make a cabling change so that only one line ran to the RV320, or were any other configuration changes made in the RV or the SG units?  

I don't know enough about these WAP's to understand why they might reboot.  Perhaps it's a self-healing technique where if it can't talk to peer WAP's in a cluster, it reboots automatically, sort of a "I need to fix myself by rebooting" algorithm, following the logic that other WAP's in the cluster might take over.  Perhaps a way to know this is to see if the WAP's reboot at different times.  But, since you have a working solution, I imagine you just want to keep that in place now.