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WAP371 lossing LAN connection but SSID network still connecting

I've deployed the WAP371 at 4 different locations.  Each location they are setup with the latest firmware and are in cluster mode. 


At least 1 or 2 times a week, each location calls saying they connect to the SSID network but have no internet/lan connection.  When I check the AP has power as per the POE but I'm unable to ping the device.  The only way to resolve is reboot the AP and all seems to work fine for another few days.


TAC Case I've had opened thought it was isolated to a bad ap but that is not the issue as other sites complain about the same issue...

Setup of some site...

SG300-28P, SG500-52P, SG200-52P -->APs connected directly with PoE and some have separate management vlan while others are all on the same vlan.  Some only have to SSID's, 1 for main network and other for guest.  I've also attached the log files of 1 ap which likes to disconnect more often.

Things I've done.. 


1. Disabled Bonjour
2. Disabled Auto on Multicast rate limiting and set it to 54 Mbit
3. Disabled Green Ethernet
4. Disabled Automatic Power Save Delivery

5. Disabled GTK updates, broadcast key refresh set to 0.
6. Disabled basic rates 1 and 2



The above was provided by the last tac and still same issues.   What's going on with these things?  I'm at the point of replacing the entire fleet with Unifi UBNT wireless APs.  Most clients are complaining that we spent money on these when their 30 dollar links never had issues.  Whats going on Cisco?  


Please help. 

Rising star

One thing that you could try

One thing that you could try here is under Wireless -> Networks go to Security, disable WPA-TKIP and then check MFP: Not Required

I have just recently discovered with help from another customer that having this marked as capable or Required can cause issues similar to this.

In the US you can call 1-866-606-1866 or check this link out:

Eric Moyers
.:|:.:|:. CISCO | Cisco Presales Technical Support | Wireless Subject Matter Expert

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Thanks for the input Eric.  I

Thanks for the input Eric.  I did actually try that with tac also.   

Same issue.

Rising star

WIth TAC? What is your case

WIth TAC? What is your case number. I would like to review it. I was the Wireless Expert for the Small Business Support Center until I move over to Presales. I usually see get brought into these kinds of cases.

Eric Moyers

Rising star

Hello Sir, I completely

Hello Sir, I completely understand any frustration that you have. 

I found your case in our system, using your name and email. After going through your case, I see a couple of things missing that I would like to have you try.

The first is in the new firmware, there is an option MFP under the SSID if the unit is using "N" speed.  We have found disabling this feature has resolved quite a few disconnect issues.  

The way to set this to "Not Required" is to:
This option is located where you configure the SSIDs (so Wireless->Networks then there's a link under each SSID to "Show Details"), but it ONLY appears if you disable WPA-TKIP.
If it is set to "Capable" (the default) then the WAP will expect clients that advertise they support it to have to use it. If set to “Required” then only wireless clients that can use PMF will be allowed on this SSID. If set to “Not Required” – self-explanatory.  I would set this setting to “Not Required”  

If your customer needs TKIP enabled, just disable it first, make the change for MFP, and then set TKIP back to enabled.

The other thing is that there is no wireless scan of your area, if the above suggestion does not help, then I would need to see something that shows what the wireless in your area looks like.

Mustaffahamadi_2 the same instructions for turning off MFP, goes for you as well

Eric Moyers
.:|:.:|:. CISCO | Cisco Presales Technical Support | Wireless Subject Matter Expert

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Thanks Eric, I have made

Thanks Eric, 

I have made those changes on both AP's.  I will let you know if it improves.

My issue is mainly that I lose LAN connectivity but the wap keeps broadcasting.  Im also unable to ping the waps when this happens.

If you require any logs/additional information let me know



Hi, Disabling MFP didn't


Disabling MFP didn't assist with stability.

I ended up disabling spanning tree and also 80mhz channels in 5ghz mode.  The WAP's have been stable for nearly two weeks.

The model of switch I have supports 802.3af.  From what I read when using 80mhz the wap needs to be powered by adapter or 802.3at standard.

I turned spanning tree back on today, if it stops responding to pings again it may shed light on what may have been the cause. 

Keep you posted.



Hi James, Have you been able

Hi James, 

Have you been able to resolve this issue ? I am experiencing the same issue with 2 x wap371's connected to a cisco SG200-50P.

SSID is being broadcast but no LAN connectivity.  The AP's are not clustered and I have disabled green ethernet settings,

Any feedback / advice would be appreciated, this is frustrating.