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WAP371 Single Point Wireless Problem

I using nine Wap371 to setup Single Point, The 5ghz is no problem but when using notebook at 2.4ghz, it always down.

How can I make it stable and faster?

WiFi user around 180(include mobile phone and notebook)

Please help.


VIP Advocate

Re: WAP371 Single Point Wireless Problem

I really don't know the WAP series of APs, but it might be a signal issue. That means, to many or to few APs near the clients or many rogue/foreign wireless devices crowding the space.
Have you done a site survey?
Cisco Employee

Re: WAP371 Single Point Wireless Problem

Hi William,

Please verify whether the ‘Radio’ checkbox for ‘Radio 2 (2.4 GHz)' is enabled or not, please enable that radio to enable the 2.4 GHz. You may create a different SSID name for 2.4 GHz and then verify whether you are able to connect on that or not.

Normally we observe more channel interference issue in 2.4 GHz network, so to avoid the interference you need do the channel planning accordingly on those devices which will be helpful to stabilize the network.

Re: WAP371 Single Point Wireless Problem

Hi Sujoy,


The 2.4GHz is enable.

I checked nearby our office, there have so many 2.4GHz signal, it may affect our signal.


But the problem is when I use my laptop to connect the 2.4Ghz, it show the signal was very strong. When I use it about 1hour or more than, it will automatic disconnect or show No Internet, secured.

I don't know what happen.

Cisco Employee

Re: WAP371 Single Point Wireless Problem

Hi William,

Thank you for your reply. So many 2.4 GHz signals nearby can affect your wireless network stability in that wireless band. To know the reason for the disconnection after one hour or more time, we need to check the logs from that WAP371 device. Some of the disconnection code on the log may give us some idea about the disconnection. And in case of ‘No Internet’ issue even though the Wi-Fi is connected, you need to cross verify the source of the Internet once.

It is recommended to use the latest firmware on the WAP, in case the firmware is not updated on the device then please upgrade the latest firmware on the mentioned WAP371 device. Please keep a configuration backup from the WAP371 device before upgrading the firmware. Firmware download link…!pp

You may open a service request with us following the below mentioned link in case you need assistance in upgrading the firmware and troubleshoot on this issue…