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WAP4400N Firmware Status


I have 2 WAP4400N access points, each has a different version of the firmware installed and one has options that the other one does not.

I have one access point running


and one running


If I visit the Cisco site for firmware updates, I see that only one version of firmware is available for this access point... 1.2.14

This is quite poor for Cisco, I realize that Linksys is not Cisco's main area of business, but if you are going to provide

downloads for access points you could at least make sure that you have the latest version available.

Can you please state when the latest firmware for this device will be realeased.


Same here. Cisco is this product dead? or will you fix the problem? and when?

The WAP4400N is EOL.  While the occasional Cisco employee posts sympathetic messages in this thread, there has never been even the slightest hint that a fix is forthcoming.  I would suggest that many have learned a lesson about Linksys Business products in general from the way the WAP4400N problems have been handled.  I can only hope the quality of Linksys products improves.  They used to be a technology bellwether...

Thanks Gloomrider.  I decided at the end of last week to give up on this one, tossed 20 of the WAP4400N's (some still in their boxes) and bought 20 D-Link DIR615's which are all working perfectly.  Lesson learned.


I've recently arranged with Cisco the replacement of 1 of those 4400N with a 4410N v2. It seems this new model suffers the same issue as well, but I'll give it a try anyway and I'll let you know.




I've been testing this new WAP4410N v2 and, after a few weeks of amazing stability (I had to reboot it only twice), today I've the same annoying problem.

It looks like linksys products are ment to wear out after a while. I`m really regretting my choice, and I assume Cisco does the same.

My suggestion is to don`t bother with those linksys anymore. Maybe they`re good only for home use.



one can see from the update history on many of these 'small business' products that progress is made at glacier speed. But it could be worse, compare the records here with those for the dlink dns321. :(

They're not even good for home use. Currently looking at ditching my WAP4400N's for either D-Link or Netgear. I might spring for some HP ProCurve MSM410's.

After having no end of grief with an SRW2008, these WAP4400N's and a WRT54GP2 I don't think I'll be using anything by Linksys ever again. The only saving grace has been my SPA-3102.

Bye-bye Linksys. Thanks for nothing but a big waste of my time and money.


Are people using these with PoE or power supplies? mine has been troublesome for months - now using firmware version 1.2.19-ETSI - which still crashed/disconnected using PSU - however, I have been using it all afternoon with 3 clients (Dell Laptop with Wireless-N, Acer eee with Wireless-N and Lenovo Thinkpad with Wireless-G), including plenty of streaming and transferring large files about with a Linksys SRW2008P PoE switch, and it has behaved absolutely flawlessly??

Anyone else experienced this, or do other people still have the issues with PoE?


Adam -

I actually have been using the PoE with an injector for as long as I can remember after I bought this thing.  The only annoying problem I have with mine here at home is that after about 4 weeks of being left up the SNMP daemon seems to die.

I checked tonight and it had been up and running for 135 days.  I use Cacti to monitor my gear here at home and it seems about 2 weeks ago the AP dropped off from sending back anything via SNMP get requests.

*shrug*  Whatever.  Minor annoyance, but nothing worse than that.