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WAP4410N access point; Can I view connected clients and some other concerns.

So we bought a couple of these to test out, with the intentions to replace some dead WRT54GL access points and get some N wireless setup.

setup so far has been easy but I am worried these things are going to be a bugger down the road to manage.

My main concern is I can't tell if its actually working via the admin page. It doesnt show if clients are connected or not.

My second conecern is the unit doesnt have any keep alive features, primarily auto reboot on a schedual.

I guess my last concern is the admin page doesnt offer/allow me to save the username and password in the browser. If i am to deploy 50 of these i really dont want to have to bother typing in my creds on these every single time.

Any thoughts on the above would be greatly appriecated



no one?


I don't know the answer, but it would certainly be useful to be able to see which clients were connected to the wap4410n (both in ap and in repeater mode) and which connection mode (b/g/n) the clients were using.


Hi Mykel -- I shared your questions with product management and here is their reply:

The Wireless Client List is visible within the GUI via:  Wireless --> Connection Control --> Local , then click Wireless Client List. (Page 46 of Admin Guide).

Scheduled autoboot is not supported.

The Admin page offers to save both the admin user name and password.  This information will not be saved if the password is not confirmed properly. (Page 57 of Admin Guide).

Hope this helps. Thanks for participating in the Community.

Stephanie Reaves

Cisco Small Business


thanks for pointing me to the list that shows connected clients. I had expected it to be in the status area, connection control was't obvious.I am use to dd-wrt that has a nice summary page about the access point and the clients connected to it.

To bad about no auto reboot since the hardware isnt 100% reliable. Seems I cant rely on them to run for long periods without a forced reboot at some point. I dont think i can handle that sort of annoyance with 60 access points that may need a reboot for whatever reason. I would just prefer it auto reboot ever week.

When i mean save the user name and password i mean the login page's user name and password fields are not setup in a way to let the browser know the  fields are just that, user name and password fields. So the browser never prompts to save the login info. its a small thing but a real annoyance when i have to log into these to check it it status. Especially since there is now pre login summary screen.