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WAP4410N and WET200


I am attempting to connect  a network between two  buildings which lie approx. 50 ft apart. Physically connecting them is not possible due to concrete parking lot between them.

I just bought a WAP4410N and connected it from my DSL Modem/Router. The 4410 works great when used alone. I am able to walk around entire property and buildings with my MacBookPro and get excellent results.

I also bought a WET200 to install in the other building to create a wireless bridge. I cannot get an IP Address from the 200.

Is this config supposed to work out of the box? Do I need to change settings in 4410 or 200?

I have not been able to access the web based utility  software in the 4410. When I enter the default IP address the browser comes back and says the address is not valid.

I am a beginner at this so I apologize for my limited understanding.


Hello and Happy New Year,

The WET200 is configured as a client to the wireless network.  Do you have all the security set correctly?  You might also save the configs and reboot everything.

Assuming you have connected it to your network, any clients connecting to it should be able to get an address and function just fine.  I personally use one of these to connect an IPTV source to my home based network.  It is about 40 feet from my access point and my IPTV box gets internet access just fine.

You mentioned just starting out with these.  Please make sure you have upgraded to the latest firmware.  Also, when managing the WAP4410, try and do so over the wried network and not through a wireless connection.

If you feel as though you are getting stuck, you may also choose to call our small business support center.  Here is the link to this support group, and you can find a number for the country that you reside in.

Do please let me know how you make out.  Kindest regards,

Andrew Lee Lissitz


A few questions.

When you are trying to access the web GUI of the WAP4410N, are you trying to do this wirelessly or wired to the router? If you are trying wirelessly, then I believe wireless management is turned off by default and you will have to access the device wired.

If you are trying to access the device wired and still cannot get in by trying to connect to please check to see what IP address you have on the computer that you are trying to connect with. If it is not in the same subnet (in this case it would be then you will not be able to access the web GUI.

If you have been unable to access the web GUI of the WAP4410N I assume that you have not configured the SSID, Security, or WDS on the router. Once you have access to the WAP you will need to configure a unique SSID and enable any security that you wish to use for your wireless network. You will also need to turn on WDS which allows the wireless signal of the WAP4410N to be bridged or repeated. Configure the WET200 with the same SSID and security settings as te WAP4410N. Once that is complete go back into the WAP4410N and where you enabled the WDS you should also be able to do a site survey. At this point you should see the WET200 and you can select it to allow it to bridge the signal from the WAP4410N.

I hope this helps but if you contnue to have problems, please feel free to contact the SBSC for your locale in the link provided in the previous post.