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WAP4410N as WDS Repeater with same SSID as AP

John Frankish

As the title says - I have a wap4410n acting as AP and a second wap4410n acting as wds repeater.

I've only managed to get the wds repeater to work when it has a different ssid to that of the ap - I'd like the wds repeater to have the same ssid as the ap, should things work in this configuration?


SSID is case sensitive and it should match what is configured on the Access Point. For more information refer the Connection Types on a WAP4410N.

If I try to use an ssid of "mynet" on both the ap and the wds repeater, users cannot access the local network or internet via the wds repeater. As soon as I change the ssid of the wds repeater to "mynet1", users have access.

If I try to follow the link you posted, I get an error "forbidden file or application"...

After 9 days of uptime (the best yet), the wap4410n acting as wds repeater stopped giving ip addresses - machines get instead, so I thought I'd give the ssid one more try.

After renaming the ssid to be the same as the wap4410n ap and after changing "Wireless Isolation:(between SSID)" from enabled (the default) to disabled and rebooting, it works

I've no idea why this wouldn't work before - perhaps changing "Wireless Web Access:" from disabled (the default) to enabled and only accessing wirelessly played a part too.

Seems I spoke too soon...

windows 7 laptops will initially connect to the wap4110n wds repeater when ap and wds repeater have the same ssid, but it seems that they cannot re-connect when the dhcp lease expires and they fall back to the story. I need to reboot both the wap4410n ap and the wap4410 wds repeater to get things going again.

note that I've tried changing "Wireless Isolation:(between SSID)" and "Wireless Isolation:(within SSID)", but this does not appear to change/improve things.

I also note that the same windows 7 laptops cannot roam between the wap4410n wds repeater and wap4410n ap coverage areas without losing their connection - they have to return to the coverage area where they first connected to regain their connection.

It looks like I'll have to go back to having different ssid for the wap4410n ap and wap4110n wds repeater, but this seems counter-intuitive and wrong.

Ironically I never had a problem with my old wrt54g ap and wap54g repeater, but after "upgrading" to the rvs4000 and wap4410n's things have never worked reliably nor as expected...