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WAP4410N Bridge/Repeater mode


I have just been escalated to Level 3 support about my bridging issues.

Just a quick recap:

Bridge / Repeater mode configuration separated by 150 feet. Worked perfect for over 3 months.

Upgraded firmware due to lockups starting to happen, now cant get the bridge / repeater to work longer than 15 min.

After MANY support calls, new devices sent (version 2's) still no luck.


Talked to Marcelo at1 866 606 1866 and he stated that the Bridge / Repeater mode will not be supported farther than 50 Feet.

(seems like a cop out to me) He didn't seem to have an answer as to why it worked for 3 Months other than interference

Of which I have ran spectrum analyzers and see no Interference. Hell even 10 feet away I cant get the units to work longer than 15 min.

So I definitely think the 50 foot thing is a BS answer.

Also they have told me that External Antennas are not supported with these devices.

Again even though People 500 feet away connect just perfect (without a bridge / repeater mode) with 50% coverage!

so here I am (spent 600 bucks) on bricks.. and nobody will support the device and I cant seem to get my money back.

I have 8 customers with these devices, I am not going to use Cisco any longer. However will continue to fight this,

as we all seem to have the same BS issues.

Will keep you posted as he is talking to a developer about his answer to the antennas (external) and range.

Cisco Employee

Re: WAP4410N Bridge/Repeater mode

Hi Kevin -- Have you attempted to return your devices to place of purchase or get RMA through the Small Business Support Center? Please provide an update on your issues.


Stephanie Reaves

Cisco Small Business Technology Group

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