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WAP4410N dies every 24 hours

I have two WAP4410N wireless access points powered using Power-Over-Ethernet. Both are running the latest available firmware version (

They are both connected to the same LAN and broadcasting the same SSID with a WPA2 password.

One is using channel 1, while the other is using channel 11.

There is coverage overlap where the signal from both access points hover around -75db to -85db while standing in the same physical location.

DHCP is disabled, and is being provided by another network device.

Every day or so, devices can connect and authenticate to the access points, but are not granted an IP address (and subsequently are unable access to the LAN or Internet). For devices that had already retrieved an IP address prior to the issue exhibiting itself, the devices simply stop communicating with LAN and Internet.

However, I can still access each access point's web admin interface from the LAN.

If I reboot both devices, the problem vanishes and devices are once again able to get an IP address and connect to the LAN and Internet.

Are these symptoms of signal interference between the two WAPs or is this a completely different issue?

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WAP4410N dies every 24 hours

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