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WAP4410N-E V02 not reachable after FW Upgrade

Hello Everyone,

I had some issues with our Accesspoints and decided to update the Firmware as it's discussed in several posts here in the forum.

Unfortunately this update from to was crashing the accesspoint eventually.

So here's what happened:

I downloaded the FW from and installed it via the webinterface as it's meant to be.

The installation was running and in the end showing me "Rebooting device". This took some time and then the page didn't reload and since then I've got no way to contact the Accespoint.

So I thought it may have been back to DHCP and had a look into the arp tables of the router, but nothing to see there with the mac address of the AP.

I also restartet it later by taking it from the power and plugging it back in. Still nothing!

Anyone here who had the same issue and was able to fix it?



WAP4410N-E V02 not reachable after FW Upgrade

Hi Chris,

I am Gyanendra Singh from Cisco SBSC. Thank you for bringing up this to our notice.

As mentioned you didn't receive the login page after firmware upgrade. It is possible that device was not upgraded. Try this setps to restore connectivity to your WAP4410N:

1-     Disconnect the device from LAN.

2-     Power cycle the device and wait till the device boots.

3-     Press and hold the Reset button for 30 seconds. This will factory reset the device.

4-     Connect it your LAN network wait for 10 seconds till the time it obtains TCP/IP settings from DHCP server. [You need to check on router for DHCP leased clients a.k.a DHCP binding database to know which IP address the device has taken]

5-     If you find any trouble in step 4, you can try connecting a workstation direclty with WAP4410N with a static IP address from the pool. [Device has a default IP of, don't forget to restart the device after removing it from LAN for making sure it release the DHCP obtained IP]

6-     If all these steps are not helping you please reach to Cisco's Small Business Support Centre for further support.

Thanks and Regards,

Gyanendra Singh

Network Engineer | Cisco Small Business |