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WAP4410N randomly dropping packets between wireless clients only

I have the strangest issue I can't figure out. Two, and there are only two, client endpoints sharing the WAP4410N AP have unreliably connection between them... "through" the AP. Isolation disabled, of course. Ping between client(s) and AP, both ways, is fine. I ssh into wap4410n and ping both endpoints, fine. Hardwire behind AP to both endpoints, fine. But ping between endpoints, both ways, no good. I have been adjusting everything I can, RTS, Frag, ACK timeout, channel, etc. Firmware just upgrade to And it's total random... packet loss, ping reply time swings from 2ms to 20ms or whatever. It's like there is somehow wireless interference between the end points. Or the wind is blowing the packets around. hahaha.

Oh. and the AP does NOT show dropped packets. Nor the endpoints. One is a Linksys WET54G, the other is a Deliberant CPE-2.

Has anyone seen this? Or can reproduce?

Thanks, Nate

More info: Have discovered that G mode may be the issue. Either the 4410N doesn't like G mode or a mix of B & G modes. I have forced all wireless stations to B mode at 11mb and NO DROPPED PACKETS all night! ?