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WAP4410N (Repeater-Mode) is crashing at least once a day

Hello everyone

we installed a WAP4410n for a customer who needed a wireless repeater to forward the signal to another part of the building. Everything is configured properly and works, until the device stops responding. This happens at least once a day, sometimes twice or even more often. When you power-cycle the device, after a few minutes everything is fine again. The lights on the device stay lid up after the crash. The wireless network is not discoverable after the crash though.

The wireless-router that is forwarded is in direct site an at maximum 15 meters away. The signal strengts is good and the only traffic that is made is internet access for two PC over a 2mbit internet-connection.

I tried updating the device from to K9 but this has not solved the problem. I'm not sure if this is a hardware-failure or a known software bug. Please let me know, what i can do to solve this.

Thanks in advance

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Re: WAP4410N (Repeater-Mode) is crashing at least once a day


Usually when you use repeater mode from one of our access points the speed and range is cut by half, If I am correct 15 meters is close to 45 feet give or take, our max range for wireless is 120 feet configured as an access point,  when cut in half by the property of repeater mode your new repeated broadcast would have 60 feet give or take of wireless connectivity, if your clients are moving in and out of the total broadcast range and consistently requesting  DHCP from the WAP device you could generate a broadcast storm that could lead to the device locking up.  I would suggest tweaking with the advanced wireless settings at carefully and looking at the help tab to see what each setting does, perhaps trying different wireless channels that work best in your network and trying to stay within the wireless boundries of your total broadcast range. This is a mere suggestion and a personal point of view, however for more detailed and precise technical support regarding your issue please contact our support center 1-866-606-1866.



Re: WAP4410N (Repeater-Mode) is crashing at least once a day

Hi Juan, thanks for your help, it is much apreciated.

As i mentioned the customer is using 2 staionary PC, no Laptops or other devices. The connection quality of the clients is very good, since they are not more than 5 meters away. The reason why we are using the repeater is, that the clients are behind a corner with thick walls. So with the repeater in place, all wireless devices have direct sight.

I have already requested RMA yesterday. I'm from germany, so i can't use the number you gave me.

Thanks again for your help


Re: WAP4410N (Repeater-Mode) is crashing at least once a day


just a small addition.

When you are calling from outside the USA, please check the following link for the contact details of your local Support Center: