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WAP4410N stops randomly responding

Hi Randy,

We have a situation with 20 4410N's They are connected through a 2960 switch. They runned for about a year with no problems. We use the WiFi system with 10 cisco wireless ip phones, several workstations (5-10) and a few mobile devices.

Three weeks ago we took 10-15 iPads in commission (almost equally divided over the AP's), since then the trouble started. Several accesspoints stop randomly responding a few times a, day. We updated to the latest firmware (, but that did not solve the problems.

Were using 3 SSID's WPA2 encryption and fixed IP's for the AP's. If there is anything more you need to know please contact me. This is a urgent problem for us! If we can't get a hold on this we have to replace all the AP's by other ones.

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I gave mine to the Goodwill some months ago.  However, with the latest firmware it did work reasonably well. This Small Business series has some excellent features particularly with security but there have been ongoing problems reported by many. I used mine in my home-office and simplified the whole thing with Linksys new combined unit with the 802.11 AC protocol.  It does connect at ip6 on the WAN which the Small Business router did not have.



On January 25th Cisco released version  I have upgraded several units to this firmware and it has resolved the random not able to connect issue. 

Try upgrading to that version, it is availble here:

If you still have the issue after upgrading, do a factory reset and manually reconfigure the device.

You also mentioned that you were using iPads.  Sometimes Apple's devices have trouble with WPA2 AES, so you might want to try switching the encryption to WPA-Personal (TKIP), or WPA Mixed, so that TKIP is also available.  Forget the wireless network on the iPad and then try reconnecting.

Usually the upgrade will resolve the issue, if not try the reset.  If you are still having trouble after that call the SBSC at 1.866.606.1866 and we can open a support case for you.

Christopher Ebert

Network Support Engineer - Cisco Small Business Support Center

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