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WAP4410N stops responding very often

Hi, we have 9 WAP4410N with PoE in our network. They were purchased on August. We found that very often in a week, they stop responding to any clients so they cannot get IP addresses, but we can ping the devices and enter the administration page. The only solution is to reboot the AP. I found some references to the same problem in the Cisco Forums and even some bad recommendations in about these APs, but now is too late and we need to found a solution.

We upgraded to firmware but problem remains. We are completly sure that IP and DNS configurations are fine and that our switches and DHCP servers work fine, too. We have in the same LAN, APs 3COm from the 9150 series with no problems. These 3Com APs use the same network services that the 4410.

Currently we are testing the Force LAN to 100 Mbps option and using mixed encryption algorithms (AES and TKIP) because at the begining, we were only using AES. But, I feel that it is not a smart procedure because it is not based on any real fact; it is, may be a desperate choice.

In order to administer those APs, we normally connect at the night so we don´t affect anyone on the network. However, when I check the administration page, I can see that the utilization rate in all the APs is always more that 40%, and I am sure, nobody is using the AP at the night. Wierd. In a normal day, no more than 20 clients are connected to each AP.

Logs have no valuable information to use in order to find a solution.

So, any ideas or help would be much appreciated.

Xavier Villafuerte

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I have the same problem with the 4410s and I have set the 100 Fixed config option. It improved things a little but I still end up needing to reset the unit at least every 10 days, more often with increased traffic.

Cisco will likely ask you to call TAC and open a ticket but I wouldn't expect a whole lot. They seem to have themselves convinced it's not a problem.

Good luck,


Thanks Greg. You are right. Thinks are a little better enabling the option you mention but problem is still there. Enabling this setting is not even a workaround.

Cisco only needs to check their own forums to see this problem is not a product from our imagination. We are not alone.

Xavier Villafuerte

El 29/11/2010, a las 15:57, gdoerr56-1 escribió:

Xavier Villafuerte,

A new message was posted in the Discussion thread "WAP4410N stops responding very often":

Author : Greg Doerr

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Does anybody found a solution / workaround for this issue?


Hi Xavier Villafuerte,

I have 28 WAP4410N and suffering this burden since June of this year.  Our IT management asked me to reboot (power cycled) daily to prevent user's complaint.  I have logged the case to Cisco and struggling with Cisco since then. I hope, new version of firmware will help us.

Here is a few tips to configure this AP,
1) Avoid using mix-mode. I use G-only mode at our environment. It also helps to reduce CPU utilization keeping AP off switching from one mode to another.

2) Avoid using mix-security. I use WAP2-Personal only. It also help AP to reduce negotiate overhead. Some says WEP is better performance than WAP2 for this AP but my opinion is not different
3) Select channel not to overlap neighboring AP. I use mainly Channel 1, 6 and 11.
4) If possible, use syslog collection at backend.  Yes, I agree logs has no valuable information, but you know that which clients are deauthenticated after they are just associated.  The clients are likely to be problem.
5) Finally the hardest part is “Doing power-cycle regularly”. It really make me sick.

Regards, Min

Thanks, I will give your suggestions a try. I really hope Cisco releases a

new firmware as a new year gift


On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 2:03 AM, mintheinoo <

I have three of these units, and they consistently drop offline -- stop SSID broadcast.  If they are not attended to (power cycled) regularly, they eventually stop responding to LAN side ping / remote access attempts, as well.  I am running the latest available firmware on the website as of this writing.

The featureset is wonderful, if they would 'just work'.

How long can these three APs stand? A few days or a week? I feel firmware version is more stable than the latest  It can last for a few days at my environment a bit longer  than latest one.

After changing firmware, you should refresh your browser in order to see correct information on WebUI.  It helps you to clean old cache on your browser. Otherwise WebUI shows you previous information even you change and save new settings.


Hi all,

even i am facing the same proble with WAP4410n. i have 6 devices with the same SSID, sometime laptop's wireless automatic disconnecting even not reconnecting it manualy /automatic than i have to restart AP than it connect again. on all devices fireware have been updated but problem still same. with cisco support we have change the configuration many ways but problem not resolve. all devices are connected to the POE linksys switch. sometime my wireless device goen outoff n/w not able to pping and access, that time i can see that all LED on the device blinking file but so way to access it than  i have to replug it or restart it manualy than it work file.

i am facing this proble from last two months, i have tried many way to configur it and change channel settings as well.




Mahesh Patidar

Well, my APs came with a firmware version prior to and the problem

was already there. Upgrading to made no difference. They can work

less than three days before reboot is needed.

On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 11:23 PM, mintheinoo <

I see. When, for testing, two APs were upgraded to version after launching from Cisco, these two APs could stand about 3 days as same like yours.  Then they had been roll-backed to version as we found the old version can stand a bit longer about 5 days.

Another issue of WAP4410N is that wireless signal strength is too strong and there is no configuration to adjust signal power.  It is good if there is only one AP. My mobile can scan our SSID from 10th Floor when I am standing at ground floor. But many APs become trouble for signal overlapping. Client can not decide to associate which APs in searching of best signal.  I found many deauthentication log at syslog server if client was troubling to choose best signal. Over six months, our users become immune this issue.  They bring their laptops to neighboring APs if they can not associate the nearest one.  The strange thing is that when they bring their notebook back to their desk, there is no issue at all. Sometime I found it re-associate back to the former AP.

I hope Cisco help us to solve the root-cause.

Unstable firmware or faulty design is the problem.  I've got several new locations I'd love to put this

feature set / price point in, but can't take the risk.  Do you have any open tickets w/ Cisco?

Is anything progressing here, or is this simply an orphaned model that will never work the way it's supposed to?

I know Cisco employees are checking these forums. May be any of them can give us any status. As far as I see, these problems have been reported the whole year without any solution so, I have no much expectations. Cisco have a big opportunity to restore customer satisfaction if they can provide any answer to us.

Xavier Villafuerte

Coordinador de Tecnología - CMSFQ

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El 29/12/2010, a las 13:43, BozarthNetworking escribió:

Xavier Villafuerte,

A new message was posted in the Discussion thread "WAP4410N stops responding very often":

Author : stephen bozarth

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Hi Xavier,

The issue seems to be due to the firmware, newer firmware version ( with some stability improvements may address this issue.

This firmware is currently under development, and there is no ETA for official release.

You can check back with SBSC support in about 30 days



Crossing Fingers

Xavier Villafuerte

Coordinador de Tecnología - CMSFQ

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El 03/01/2011, a las 18:08, mamello escribió:

Xavier Villafuerte,

A new message was posted in the Discussion thread "WAP4410N stops responding very often":

Author : mamello

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