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WAP4410N stops responding very often

Hi, we have 9 WAP4410N with PoE in our network. They were purchased on August. We found that very often in a week, they stop responding to any clients so they cannot get IP addresses, but we can ping the devices and enter the administration page. The only solution is to reboot the AP. I found some references to the same problem in the Cisco Forums and even some bad recommendations in about these APs, but now is too late and we need to found a solution.

We upgraded to firmware but problem remains. We are completly sure that IP and DNS configurations are fine and that our switches and DHCP servers work fine, too. We have in the same LAN, APs 3COm from the 9150 series with no problems. These 3Com APs use the same network services that the 4410.

Currently we are testing the Force LAN to 100 Mbps option and using mixed encryption algorithms (AES and TKIP) because at the begining, we were only using AES. But, I feel that it is not a smart procedure because it is not based on any real fact; it is, may be a desperate choice.

In order to administer those APs, we normally connect at the night so we don´t affect anyone on the network. However, when I check the administration page, I can see that the utilization rate in all the APs is always more that 40%, and I am sure, nobody is using the AP at the night. Wierd. In a normal day, no more than 20 clients are connected to each AP.

Logs have no valuable information to use in order to find a solution.

So, any ideas or help would be much appreciated.

Xavier Villafuerte

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Hello Luca -- A reminder that BETA FIRMWARE CAN ONLY BE DISTRIBUTED by the Small Business Support Center. If you have opened a case, please provide the case number and we'll be happy to investigate.

Also, Eric Moyers. a Cisco engineer, has generously offered to open a case on your behalf. Please see his response above.

Please do not request the firmware from another community participant as this is in violation of the beta firmware trial agreement.

We appreciate your participation in the Community and are anxious to help you resolve your issues.

Stephanie Reaves

Cisco Small Business

A quick report. I've been running the beta firmware for a week now and so far I haven't had to reboot the AP once. I have also been able to run Apple timemachine backups over the wireless network for the first time without having to reboot the AP.  I'm now comfortable enough to purchase two more units to extend the coverage to other buildings running WDS.

Although it still seems rediculous that this firmware is taking so long to produce (and is still not available to the public), I'm at least satisfied that my problems appear to be resolved.  If anything changes I'll report back.

Thanks Eric for stepping in and getting some action for us.

"I'm now comfortable enough to purchase two more units to extend the coverage to other buildings running WDS."

... Wooooow!!! WHAT?!?!?! Are you mad?!

Why in the world would anyone, who have ever tried one of these products, even consider buying additional units?!?!?... What have you been smoking?

I agree, we sell alot of Cisco prodcuts at my place of work but after purchasing one fo these units to replace a $80 AP at home I am very disappointed with the support of Cisco, My Android and Blackberry mobiles will not reliably stay connected, plug in a cheap Linkssys WAG 120N configured as an AP and it'll run forever without issue yet a unit i've paid close to $200 AUD for, A unit classified as a 'Small Business' product that falls so far short of what I'd deem to be a reliable product, especially when a domestic product can out perform it for predictable and reliable connectivity.

I have the latest official release of software on it, I cant see why after a year of problems being reported Cisco can't release a software update that they stated would be released earlier this year.

I'd open a support case but it appears from the many posts above that would be futile, never been more disappointed by a Cisco product in my life and it will be affecting how I recommend the products in the future.

Should Cisco not fix this I will simply accept my losses and buy something that works. 12 months since a software update for a current model business product  with as many reported issues as this one is mind blowing..

Edit: Spelling.

So for us V1 owners, are there any available options as far as firmware updates go? Will you replace V1 AP's for V2? Thanks.

Chris, I originally had V1 units too.  Since they were still so new and experiencing issues, Cisco offered to replace them with V2s (their accepted solution to all the issues at that time).  However, I did have to pay around $75 for express shipping of my 4 units back to Cisco (which is BS in my opinion).  They did this swap for a good number of people at that time too.  I would look into the issue further to see if you could get them swapped. 

Honestly though, I still think people should look into alternative options if at all possible.  These units have been utterly plagued with problems since day 1.  I haven't been using the new firmware long enough to say for certain, but it looks like things are still off with this model.


I give up.

I went back to my WAP54G for now and ordered a D-Link N WAP.

I reloaded the beta firnware and made it all of 10 minutes before it locked up. Been running on the WAP54G for 12 hours without issue. I simply don't have the patience to deal with something this simple that just doen't work.

The guys at Cisco (Eric Moyers and Alex Delano) have done what they can and gone above the call to open tickets on my behalf and get me the beta sofware. Their efforts simply can't overcome a half-baked product with 10% baked software.

Good luck to all who choose to tough it out. I'm moving on and investing my energies where they can add value (taking calls asking why wireless doesn't work isn't one of them!)

Patiently wait for Cisco to blame my operating environment...

Big thanks for the guys at Cisco support. I had the Beta software within an hour of contact, although it didn't fix the issue, we have come to the conclusion that the hardware may be at fault given that it worked flawlessly for 5 months before acting up. They are sorting out an advance replacement which is great, as there is always the fear that they cannot replicate the problems their end and I end up with the same device back!

I've gone back to the WRT54g on DD-WRT for now as it never gives me trouble...

I have received a lot of responses from people looking for the beta firmware. I am very glad that for the most part it has fixed each of your indivdual issues. Mr Gardner, I am sorry that you have had other issues crop up, but I am confident that we can get those sorted out for you. For any new people that are coming to this forum looking for assistance:

If you could send me the following information:

Cisco UserID and any updated phone or contact information

WAP4410N Serial Numbers with just a brief statement of your issue.

If you do not currently have a Cisco UserID, If you go to the website you can register in the upper right hand corner.

I will then get you a case created and referenced in the correct way, so that we can get you the beta agreement and then the beta firmware until the formal firmware is released.

You can send me the information to the following email address.


Thanks for the positive remarks from all of you and I promise that I will continue to work hard for each of you and all of Cisco's customers.

Eric Moyers
Cisco Network Support Engineer

With some help from Eric, I obtained the beta firmware.

I had to try a couple of machines (one linux, one windows) and make several attempts before I was able to update the firmware, but I got there in the end.

I have one wap4410n acting as ap and one acting as wds repeater - after updating the firmware, they ran for +/-20 hours before the wds repeater hung. As an internet radio was running at the time, I turned this off and rebooted both wap4410n - so far they've been running for +/-3 days without further problems.


Engineering  is anticipating the public release of WAP4410N firmware v  within the next seven weeks (sooner if possible). It's currently  undergoing system test and all signs are positive so far.

SPECIAL THANKS to all of you who helped out with the Beta Firmware. Your feedback is  invaluable to us. (And if you're a Beta Firmware recipient who hasn't  yet sent feedback, consider this your gentle reminder.)

Thanks  to Eric and the Small Business Support Team for all of their help. They  are committed (as are we) to providing the best possible products and  support for our Small Business customers.

Stay tuned. We'll announce the firmware release in the community.

Thanks again,

Stephanie Reaves

Cisco Small Business Technology Group

APs are far more estable with the beta firmware. Almost Two weeks in a row a no reboots have beenneeded.

Xavier Villafuerte - Sent from my iPhone

As a status update for the beta firmware..

..the wap4410n ap and wds repeater both had to be rebooted yesterday after almost 2 weeks without problems.

Mine APs (configured in repeater mode) have been up for 35 days.  Basically no issues/outages/lockups at all since implementing the beta firmware.

I was using the too, but still with some minor hangs.

Now I just downloaded the oficial


Release Date: 23/JUN/2011

from the cisco dowload site.

I'll let you know if I experience any issues.