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WAP4410N V2 ready?

Its been a while now, I'm still waiting to hear when I can call again for my RMA.

Some one said they would respond back to this thread when the V2 HW was ready.


there was also supposed to be an additional firmware update that could fix everything.

any news Cisco?

Hi Bill,

There is a firmware version out to provide a work around for the PHY issue observed that is causing Copper connectivity and bridging issues when connected to some GbE switches.  But I am unaware of software coming out that 'could fix everything.'

Wish I could say that statement is correct, but after discussions with  the WAP4410N product manager  could not corroborate your statement.

regards Dave

Hi Dave...see post 121 by Stephaie above.  She says a new fiirmware will be out (or indicates such).  Can you check into this?

If not, what about hardwar V2 RMAs?

Hi Dave,

I have quite the same issue. After a period of time WAP4410N stops responding, the only way to fix this problem is to reboot the access point. I have updated it to last firmware version but still no result. Is it possible to make а feature(somewhеre in setup) to reboot access point, i mean selfrebooting in a period of time(somethinng like: selfreboot in 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours in setup) for a small office it will be a great solution!

Hi there,

First post here.

After buying a couple of different consumer AP's for my home network and been disapointed with them, I'd like to pick up one of these WAP4410N units, but obviously don't want a unit with this ethernet bug in the hardware.

Do you have any date as to when the V2 units will be available in retail (I'm in the UK) and also will there be some identification either on the box or in the product code to identify it as a 'V2' unit?



Hi all,

As Stephanie Reaves mentions above, the firrmware version has the option to NOT negotiate GbE connectivity on the copper port, if you select  "Force LAN Port Speed to 100M" .

This new work around option, will  auto-negotiate  100Mbit/sec  options and not advertise gigabit during the auto-negotiation process.

This  will stop the WAP4410N from loosing wired connectivity to your Gigabit switches. It will also stop the bridge issue that was mentioned in a earlier thread on this posting.

The good news is that Version 2 hardware is shipping now .  You will see on the boxes that the WAP4410N come in with  V2  or version 2 mentioned next to the model name . So check the box carefully.

Product Manager for the WAP4410N just emailed me today to say "The RMA stocking depots are being stocked with v2 units and the v1 units are  being purged"

To me that means, please be patient and  wait a week to be sure you get a WAP4410N  Version 2 as a RMA replacement.

regards Dave

Good to hear, I will call for my RMA next week.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the update! I'll keep a close eye out for the new model and pick one up when it's available.



Sorry - one more question.

As I've said I'm in the UK - Will we be getting the V2 over here as well? I believe we have the G5 variant in the UK (possibly just a different power supply - not sure though)



When will the new hardware version be available for APAC? Specifically Australia?

Hi, Dave!

As i mentioned, after installing the firrmware version and making all required manipulations (Force LAN Port Speed to 100M) access point is stil not working correctly.

The only way to fix it, is to reboot the access point. It's nice, that next generation of these products with v2 units, are available in stock. But what should i do, with my unworkin point? And what about autoreboot feature in setup, for me and all people, who are not able to change the current point for a new workin one, it is the only solution.

I'm also curious to know how gracious Cisco will be with handling the returns.  Advanced replacements would be great, so that I could keep my 4 current access points up and running until I recieve the new ones to be replaced.  Any word on if this will be possible?

Hi audiovideocorp

Good try :-), I can't get around the Small Business TAC guys to get a forward replacement, unless i have an agreement.

It's worse for me, but you have the option, if you purchased the units from distribution,  phone them and they might forward replace the units, depending on their returns policy.  It's something that may work.

regards Dave

I'm certainly willing to work with your agreement policies (providing credit card info, etc.)  The only problem with going through distribution is that there is a chance I could still get Rev 1.  Unfortunately, I can't wait the amount of time necessary for the Rev 2s to sufficiently work themselves through the system. Thanks, Dave.