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WAP4410N Wireless-N Access Point Suddenly Super-Slow

With cable internet and a gigabit modem attached to a Cisco RVS4000 4-Port Gigabit Security Router, my wired speed is over 60mbps which is good and the WAP4410N's WiFi used to connect at around 30mbps. It was not as fast as expected but usable. Now, however, I am lucky if the download speed is over 2mbps and upload is .05mbps which is abysmal!

I've read about every posting here, some of which were never answered, and elsewhere but nothing makes any difference at all. When I reconnect my old D-Link Access Point the speeds are much more respectable but, of course, it is the gigabit Cisco unit I need working which is why I bought it. The router has firmware v2.0.3.4 and the access point is using v2.0.7.4.

I tried hard-coding the channel to one I know is not being used nearby and just about everything else but cannot find a solution. Most settings are back to default now. The only thing that seemed to help at all was to set the Administrative Port Speed to 100mbs but that rather defeats the purpose of having a gigabit system and is not an acceptable solution. Even with it set to auto-negotiate, it seems to connect at 100mbps so what's with that? Please advise.


I sure hope CISCO addresses

I sure hope CISCO addresses this.  It would be a shame if I stopped buying their devices because they ignore customers.  I get better service from the guys at Alcatel!  But alas, I'm having the same problem you are, and no response yet... 

Cisco Employee

Hi, My name is Glenn Martin.



My name is Glenn Martin. Just curious, has there been a change in your environment? You said you have the exact same issue, does this mean you were getting 30mbps or greater and now under 2mbps?


Hi Glen,Yes.  I was getting

Hi Glen,

Yes.  I was getting better than 30mbps, now I am getting less than 2mbps.  Nothing has changed in my environment.  In fact, I have one less wireless client than I did before.



Rising star

Hello, I apologize that no

Hello, I apologize that no one has responded to you before now.

Just to gather a little info on your existing network. What is your speed from the ISP supposed to be? How are you measuring your speeds? Normally since wireless connection are half duplex your wireless speed will typically be half of what ever your wired speed is. 

Other than the router and modem is everything else on your network Gig capable? Wireless card, PC NIC's, Printers, etc? To truly get the gig speeds everything in the network must support it.

Sorry for the questions just trying to visualize the network?

Same questions for Mativi as well.

If anyone would like to respond to me by email, you may mouse over my picture and find my email.

Eric Moyers
.:|:.:|:. CISCO | Cisco Presales Technical Support | Wireless Subject Matter Expert


My network is as follows:

My network is as follows: Cable Modem -> gigabit router -> WAP4410N AP

Aside from the WAN address of the cable modem, everything is static.

When the WAP4410N misbehaves, pinging results in times of over 2500 ms, if I can ping at all.  The reduction is throughput is local and non-local.  Transferring a file from one wireless client to another, or to a wired client, moves at speeds comparable to dial up!  The same goes for trying to talk to the outside world.

Everything else on my network is gig capable.  

This access point was trouble from the start.  A firmware upgrade seemed to fix it, and it has been fairly worry free for about a year.  In the last few weeks it has started to have this problem.