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WAP571 Throughput Issues After Firmware Upgrade

I have three WAP571 that I had been using as a cluster without much issue.  I updated the firmware from the original to, and I almost immediately started having issues with throughput on any connected device. I started over the cluster, I switched to stand-alone, etc.  All to no avail.


I noticed a previous discussion that stated similar issues between and, so I reverted back.


I just went to update to, and I am having similar issues.


Anyone else having similar issues?  I've checked everything 10 times, reset the APs, and still the same issues.


I am having the same issue. After upgrading from to I had to revert back because of extremely low throughput and left it there for a few months.


Today I have upgraded to On Linux it seems ok now, but Apple devices (various iPhones and iPads) and devices running Windows 10 are still showing the issue. On I am getting a download of 0,1 - 0,7 Mbps, when it should be around 18 Mbps. Settings on the WAP are the same before and after the upgrade.


Something has to be wrong in the code, because as soon as I revert back to all is good.


Update 24th November 2017:

After reading this thread


I did some testing on my WAP571s and now I know what the issue is.


For some weird reson throughput on management SSID/vlan is being slowed down. All other SSIDs on the same WAP571 work with full speed on


With this, one can coclude that we are seeing the same issue like on the WAP371!



I had the same problem with my WAP581 and firmware version so I moved the management vlan to a different one from my wireless SSID's vlan and throughput issue is resolved. Cisco needs to fix this showstopper bug. I cannot see how this bug made it through Cisco testing.

Hi Richard,

My name is Iliya Gatsev from Cisco Technical Support Team.


Please open a case with Cisco Technical Support. Here is the contact of the technical support :


Iliya Gatsev
Cisco TAC Network Engineer
Together we are the human network .:|:.:|:. CISCO

I also had the same issue as Richard with a WAP581 and firmware

I tried to change the management VLAN but it did not resolve the issue.

Hi Richard could you share what change you made to resolve the issue?

Changing the management vlan doesn't resolve the issue, rather it allows you to chose which vlan to make slow.


You could create a vlan/ssid, which you don't regularly use and transfer the issue to there by making it the management vlan.


By the way, there is an entry in the Bug Search Tool for this issue now:



I had the management on the same vlan as my clients. I have a management vlan for my switches and routers, so I moved the management to that vlan. I have both ethernet ports set as trunk and on a Etherchannel. Once I did that, the problem went away. I see from the next post that a bug has been filed for the WAP571 and to roll back to a previous firmware. Since I got things working on the latest firmware build for the WAP581, I decided to leave well enough alone and wait for a fix in the next firmware release.