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WAP581 high ping to some sites

Setting up two new WAP581 I bought two months ago in a new home.  Frustrated that some traffic seems to be having QoS applied.  For example I can ping amazon and get 16ms response times.  I ping and have 700ms pings.  Worst of all ping at 900ms or more.  If I turn on a VPN connection Pings drop to normal ranges.  When I ping from wired Ethernet pings are normal.  The WAP581 seems to be classifying traffic and slowing some of it significantly. Anytime I try to turn off the WiFi-mutimedia features the WAP crashes.


This is all on the latest publicly available firmware  If there a firmware in the pipeline that fixes these types of issues?

Iliya Gatsev
Cisco Employee

My name is Iliya Gatsev from Cisco Technical Support Team.

I think it would be best if you could call our support line and open a support case.


Iliya Gatsev
Cisco STAC Network Engineer
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I have this problem too, but my Cisco wireless is WAP571, ping time over 200ms and sometime less than 10ms. I used 5 WAP571 as a cluster mode. Let support me to find out. Thanks!


So firmware was released on the 13th of July.  Looks like new features, specifically Cisco Umbrella was added.


I have updated to the new firmware and rebooted my access points.  iOS devices remain practically useless on these WAPs.  The WAPs are slowing access to updates, iOS updates, etc are painfully slow.  This is with no QoS enabled.....which should mean all traffic is treated equally.  Please fix asap!



So now it appears that firmware has been pulled from the Cisco webstie.  Can anyone speak to the current developments of firmware that corrects this issue?


I have not had the free time to open a support case just yet but will try and do that in the next couple of weeks.