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WAP581 requires reboot every month


our WAP581 periodically stops working: connected devices report "no internet" and web-based utility login page is unreachable. Unplugging and replugging it makes it work again for 20~50 days.

At the time the AP stops working hostapd starts reporting stations deauthing with reason 1: Unspecified Reason and reauthing. I can't find anything else in the system log. The AP is powered by power supply and it has the latest firmware installed.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Cisco Employee

Re: WAP581 requires reboot every month


Sorry for the inconvenience you are facing. Whether you are able to ping the WAP581 device (I hope static IP assigned on that) when the connected devices are unable to get the Internet connectivity & you are unable to get the web access?  Also, whether you are just unplugging and reconnecting the WAP581 again on the Network only or rebooting the device?

From the reported problem it seems some services are getting stuck on the WAP581 after a certain interval of time. ‘Support Information’, ‘debug log’ and packet capture during the problem (if somehow it is possible to access the device without rebooting) from the WAP581 will help to analyze the issue. You may open a service request with us by contacting our front line number following the below mentioned link to investigate further…