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Windows & (Vista) Wireless WRV210 QuickVPN

Using WRV210 with Firmware 1.1.16

Release Note says I need QuickVPN v1.2.11 to work with Vista and a wireless adapter.

v1.2.11 installs and says that it works with Windows XP as latest OS.

Somewhere on the site I read that v1.3.0.3 will work with Vista and a wireless adapter.

Release note for QuickVPN Client v1.3.0.3 says that this will work on Vista, I can't find the download on the site only the release note.

I would expect that a Vista version should work with Windows7.

Is this true and where can I get v1.3.0.3 or later?

Glenn Quesenberry
Cisco Employee

QuickVPN version IS listed and available for download in the Software Download section of  Also here's some Installation instructions for it as well.  As far as Windows 7 support, it may seem logical that it may work, however it's not yet been tested and verified for compatability, so not yet supported.

Best Regards,


Where exactly is this link to QuickVPN 1.3?  Everything I follow in the site returns me to where I was before. It's like being in a house of mirrors.


Te-Kai Liu
Rising star

QuickVPN Client does not support Windows 7.

Windows 7 support is being worked on. Please check back in a couple of months.

Been a couple of months now. Where is the Windows 7 version? I have had nothing but problems with QuickVPN since I began using it in 2007. And now no support for Windows 7. I will *Never* purchase another product that uses the QuickVPN client.


I'm trying to establish a VPN connection from my office location to a WRV210 at another office. It has firmware 1.1.16.

I just installed QuickVPN on my Vista Ultimate machine.

The connection only goes as far as "Verifying Network."  Shortly thereafter, a message says, "The remote gateway is not responding. Do you want to wait?" For approximately 4 minutes, I clicked "yes" then disconnected.

I then logged into the WRV210 via its IP address and port 8080.  Under Status > VPN Clients, it showed that I had been connected for 4 minutes although QuickVPN kept informing me that gateway was not responding.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the solution is?

Do you have the latest version of firmware on the router?  What is the lan Ip address range of the router you are connecting to.  If you have the same ip addresses for both routers you will not be able to connect.  So make sure they are on two different subnets. Hope this helps.

I m aware of a new QuickVPN Client in the development/testing pipeline currently. Hopefully it could come out by Feburary 2010. I'm not sure if there is a beta program that you could sign up for.

February 2010? What are we supposed to do until then? Tell users not to buy PCs that come with Windows 7? Don't know if you've looked around but Windows 7 is what's available. February 2010 will be a little late. QuickVPN, Never Again.

There are third-party IPSec Clients (e.g. TheGreenBow and VPN Tracker) that can be used before QuickVPN supports Windows 7 officially. In addidtion you could also try the open source options such as IPSecuritas.


Hopefully by Feb 2010? What do you mean "hopefully"?

MS released the final version of Windows 7 to manufacturing on August 6th, 2009 and you might have a client ready by February 2010? Millions of people had access to Windows 7 in August through MSDN, Technet, and volume licenses. Millions of people are running Windows 7 because unlike Cisco the rest of the world is ready. You truly aren't a business friendly company to delay releasing software several months after it's needed. I'm stunned. Did you not start development during the beta testing cycle for Windows 7? Why are you always so far behind in releasing updated software? Why do you still ship this product with software that is years, yes years behind? It doesn't even come with support for Vista. You have to jump through hoops at the Cisco Website to download the version that works with Vista.

I'm going to complain to Microsoft about Cisco. I can see no excuse for Cisco dragging their feet on this. I'm also going to complain to Dell since that's unfortunately where I bought this product. And to think I used to respect Cisco as a company.

Oh, and I'm really getting tired of having to reset my Cisco password every single day. Please fix your website.

QuickVPN is awful.  They're doing Windows 7 a favor by not releasing it.


I purchased  a WRV210 just for the VPN cability, so imagine my suprise after purchasing a new  ACER laptop with Windows 7 64 bit being told by Several CISCO techs that it wont work and we do not support it.  IT WILl WORK. 

Lets walk thur what I did. Unfortunately to start I had to format and install a fresh copy of windows 7 32 bit. I loaded the latest ver of quick VPN (1.03.3).  I configured my internal Lan to the network and went to the DYNDNS.COM the registed for their free static address. i loaded the router with all the normal settings. On my laptop i went to the quick vpn folder, right clicked on the folder and ran

the program in the Vista sp2 compatibilty mode. This is all i did no registry tweaking or nothing special.

David G