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Wireless LAN for SMB

Dear all,

My company planning to use WLAN instead of using LAN for the coming next few years.

I'm doing research on how and what to do if want to use WLAN in our company for around 100 users.

Appreciate if WLAN experts could provide some info needed.


Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

My company planning to use WLAN instead of using LAN for the coming next few years.

Bad decision.  For the time being, you cannot replace wired LAN with wireless.

There's a major weakness with wireless LAN:  Wireless LAN behaves like a hub.  When one talks everyone else stops to listen and waits for their turn.

In a fully-wireless LAN environment one has to constantly monitor the state of your wireless APs:  contention ration between users to an AP, channel interferrence, signal strengths, etc.  Wired LAN and wireless LAN go hand-in-hand.  There are reasons why you want to use wireless and this is purely mobility.  If you are mostly sitting behind your desk, then wired is the way to go.

The reason why your company wants to go wireless is the cost to roll out a site with wired infrastructure.  We've tried this.  We've talked the clown who made this decision but he wasn't listening.  So what we did was take a step back, sold tickets and popcorn.  When the time came to turn this setup on, we just watched the fireworks go up.

Please consider this:  If you have a wired and wireless LAN and if your WLAN fails, what is your backup/fallback?  Your wired LAN right?  Ok.  Now if you are fully wireless LAN and you don't have wired LAN to your desktop and your WLAN fails.  What is your backup/fallback? 

Actually my company might shift to new office and my boss suggested to apply everything go "wireless".

I'm not familiar with this area and wondering if you could advise me on the ways to implement wireless network for SMB.


Hi Bib -- Thanks for participating in the Community. In a case like yours I strongly recmmend working with a Cisco technology partner. The value is defintely there and can save you a lot of headaches. Go here: and look for a partner in your geographic area with a specialization in Small Business.


Stephanie Reaves

Cisco Small Business

A good network administrator will never allow a new site to be established with WLAN exclusively.  Like I stated before, wired LAN and wireless LAN support each other.  Wireless LAN is there to support when wired LAN can't do, like roaming.

I recommend you contact Cisco Channel Partners and other business to shore up your opinion.  I believe if this scheme is implemented the person managing the wireless network will not be having fun.