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Our online forum for Smart Call Home customers to share, learn, and collaborate on Smart Call Home related topics. We encourage you to ask questions of Cisco experts, start a discussion, or share ideas and insight.

Smart Call Home enabled devices perform proactive diagnostics on their own components to provide real-time alerts and remediation advice when an issue is detected. An embedded support feature available on a broad range of Cisco products, it is provided at no additional cost with an active Smart Net Total Care Service, SP Base, Unified Computing Support Service, or Mission Critical Support Service contract for the designated products.

This Community will provide you with an overview about Cisco Smart Call Home features and how these features are embedded in a wide range of Cisco products to help your network. Smart Call Home provides higher network availability and support service quality.

Smart Call Home Portal Performance

On We are currently experiencing performance issues with accessing and operations of the Small Call Home portal. Users are being dropped from the portal. Our team is working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this is creating.


c5921 failed to renew - Cache ager called



Some of my c5921 have issues renewing authorizations. As you can see below the CSSM is reachable and I have the "ip http source" command configured. Note I had this device registered before. 


c5921_310_005006#telnet 443 /vrf PUBLIC
Trying (, 443)... Open
[Connection to closed by foreign host]

I deleted the instance from CSSM and tried to register again. I enabled debugs and the only message I get is ...

Nov 25 15:23:20.232: Cache ager called


Any ideas?



c5921_310_005006#sh license tech support 
Cisco Smart Licensing Agent, Version 1.0.0_development

Smart Licensing Enabled: Yes


Compliance Status: In Compliance

Assigned License Pool: 

Grace period: Not in use

Entitlement Handle: 1
    Entitlement Status: In Use
    Version: 1.0, Enforce Mode: Authorized
    Requested Time: Mon Nov 25 02:18:18.684,  Requested Count: 1
    Vendor String:  

Smart Licensing State: authorized (4)

Licensing Certificates:
    ID Cert Info:
        Start Date: Not available. Expiry Date: Not available
    Signing Cert Info:
        Start Date: Sep 11 19:05:34 2013 UTC. Expiry Date: May 30 19:48:46 2038 UTC
        Serial Number: 3
        Version: 3

Upcoming Scheduled Jobs:
    Certificate Renewal: Not Available
    Certificate Expiration: Not Available
    Authorization Renewal: Nov 26 13:51:53 2019 UTC (22 hours, 24 minutes, 1 seconds remaining)
    Authorization Expiration: Expired (Last expiration date: Fri Nov 22 21:54:51.943)
    Daily Job: Nov 26 02:20:35 2019 UTC (10 hours, 52 minutes, 43 seconds remaining)

Component Versions: SA:(1_0_4_throttle)1.0.15, SI:(rel21)1.0.0, CH:(rel4)1.0.21, PK:(rel17)1.0.4

Other Tech Support Dump:
    Grace period time remaining: Not in use
    Eval period time remaining: Expired
    Stored State Machine State: 4

Transport Mode: Callhome


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