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Call-home profile URLs with aliases - supported on WLCs?

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we are currently trying to register our WLCs (5520 running on 8.10.130) on our SSM On-Prem VM. We are having issues using an alias in the call-home profile URL.


Details about our setup and the issue:

Consider we have an SSM On-Prem VM with the following hostname:

We configured an alias for the SSM On-Prem’s hostname:


For our Catalyst 9Ks, we are able to use a call home profile with an alias in the call-home profile URL:


We cannot use this alias on our WLCs when configuring smart licensing / call-home. All registration attempts fail when the call-home profile with the alias call-home profile URL is used (the same URL that worked on Catalyst 9Ks). However, when using the hostname in the URL ( we can register the WLC.


Our questions are:

  • Can someone confirm this behavior?
  • Is there an approach to register the WLCs with the same call-home profile URL like the Catalyst 9Ks (the ULR with the alias)?
    • If so, how can this be achieved?


Thanks a lot for your feedback.

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