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Welcome to the Smart Call Home Community!

Our online forum for Smart Call Home customers to share, learn, and collaborate on Smart Call Home related topics. We encourage you to ask questions of Cisco experts, start a discussion, or share ideas and insight.

Smart Call Home enabled devices perform proactive diagnostics on their own components to provide real-time alerts and remediation advice when an issue is detected. An embedded support feature available on a broad range of Cisco products, it is provided at no additional cost with an active Smart Net Total Care Service, SP Base, Unified Computing Support Service, or Mission Critical Support Service contract for the designated products.

This Community will provide you with an overview about Cisco Smart Call Home features and how these features are embedded in a wide range of Cisco products to help your network. Smart Call Home provides higher network availability and support service quality.

Smart License - Virtual Account Transfer Error - "Invalid Nested Value ('license type >= nil)'"


Sometimes, when trying to transfer licenses between virtual accounts, you will get the following error:




This may mean that the line item of licenses you are trying to transfer has an aggregate of purchases pooled into that count. 


To transfer the entire pool, you must first drill into the line giving you the error:




We get a new window up with an option for transferring the licenses:


When we launch this, we can select the virtual account where we wish to transfer.  Upon selecting this account, the list of all the purchase pools then show up in their purchase groups where the counts made up the single aggregate number that was giving us trouble: 


Select the quantities from each purchase group you wish to transfer and then proceed with the "Complete Transfer" button.

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