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Orderable Smart Licensing PIDs


Hmmm, it seems that CCW is not ready for some of the PID in the updated list, including some which have been in there for a month such as S-A9K-BNG-LIC-8K.. Maybe it would be samrt to add PIDs to CCW as well.

When are ISR 4Ks going to be added? We're selling the Cisco ONE and customers and partners are "stuck" in no mans' land waiting for these flagship products to be Smart enabled so we can get on with the new licensing management process.


Hi Philip,

At this time, the ISR 4Ks are planned for November 2016 - January 2017. Please visit our Software Operations Exchange page to find out when products will become Smart License-enabled. The Smart Licensing Product Roadmap is subject to change and updated regularly.




Would it be possible to include "add" dates in this document?  It would be great to know exactly when specific licenses were Smart enabled.

Community Member

Hi Mike,

We're working on getting that information added to the document. It's likely this is possible, but still in the process of confirming.

Best regards,


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Can we also start tracking when licenses have the option to be Smart enabled along with the go live date?

thank you!


Cisco Employee

The 8540, 5520 and vWLC wireless LAN controllers introduced Smart License support in 8.2 (Release Notes for Cisco Wireless Controllers and Lightweight Access Points for Cisco Wireless Release - Cisco), but there is no mention of it in the PID list.


Hi Meg,

You can see which PIDs are Smart Licensing optional by filtering column E to the "ENABLE-OPT" field. I hope this clears up your question.


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Looking to see when a permanent license will be added to the list and when it might be available for the FirePower Threat Defense running on the FPR4100 series devices? We have an environment that requires no internet access and a Smart License Satellite server is not an option. We have over over a dozen HA pairs looking to run the FTD image within the FPR4100 and the global management within the FPMC (FirePower Management Center) is the option we like to go. Only the base license (Control) would be needed as we will not be using the IPS/URL/Malware services.

ASA code has been added as a percent license option but this is not the direction we desire especially since it cannot be managed within the FPMC. We know CSM can manage the ASA's globally on the FPR4100 but again this is not the direction we desire.



Cisco Employee

Hi - Is this the latest inventory for C1?

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When will this be updated?

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Hi Team, is this file up to date? Aleks

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This link is dead


FPR4K-ASASC-10 is not in the list. Is it OK go puy it into smart license?


Erich, has the spreadsheet been stripped down in the meantime? "Orderable Smart Licensing PIDs - 9-4-2017.xlsx" does not have an "E" column.

My question really is if A-SPK (Spark Annuity) is on the "optional" list - or why one would want to associate a Spark Annuity with a Smart Account.



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