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Welcome to the Smart Net Total Care Community!

Our community includes Cisco experts to answer your questions about the Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) portal and CSP-Collector.
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Update on Portal Reports Serial Number Issue

Serial numbers may be missing in some portal reports for uploads after August 12, 2019. For complete details read this document

Smart Net Total Care Reporting Preference Change

Cisco Employee

Smart Net Total Care Comprehensive View will be Removed


Due to changes in architecture, the ability to set report preferences to “comprehensive view” will no longer be available in the Smart Net Total Care portal after April 5, 2019.


In the April 2019 maintenance release, the Report Preferences option will be removed, and your current and all future reports will automatically reflect only those devices collected in what is currently known as the “latest view”. This change will also apply to the Services APIs. API data will provide information from the latest upload.


In preparation for this change, if you are an active user of this feature we recommend that you create a comprehensive view of the Custom Inventory report. Set the preference in Application Settings under “Report Preferences”.  In the Custom Inventory report, be sure to include the “Collection Date” field and print a copy of the report. This will give you an historic reference for your future data needs.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.  

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