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It appears SNTC no longer is listing my Cat4500s (includes 4948s).   I've followed the videos to troubleshoot; to no avail.   CSPC shows the switches as being collected and uploaded, I get the alerts from SNTC the inventories have been received and p...

Hi,We have a Cisco ASR 1001-X Router that is not correctly reporting in the Smart Net portal correctly. I see the message "FAILED: SNAS validated data not available" under the "Not Recognized" section. Our collector information does show all of the R...

Hey everyone,I have a customer that was wondering the usage of SSH and scanning via the Discovery Process. They say that the SSH is used and scans out to the environment and picks up the CLI info; I would argue that is not the case, and that SSH is u...

Lmarquez by Beginner
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When I try to upload mac addresses to the SmartNet portal, it errors out saying that I have the format wrong.  I've tried a few different ways that MAC addresses are commonly expressed but I keep getting the same error.  Could anyone in the community...

I'm not finding option in administrative settings to select comprehensive view.  I need to view config of a device that was removed from inventory.  The device was taken off line due to failure and replacement is here, but I don't have the configurat...