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I am trying to register my Cisco account with SNTC.  I am able to proceed through all of the steps, my account and serial number seem to be validated correctly, it comes up with my organizations name and address, but when I click the Submit button, I...

map207 by Level 1
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We have a lot of "dangling assets" in our corporate inventory database and many of them are these stack modules not being attached to a parent serial number in the portal data.   When I look for the switches in the portal they are there but the stack...

rrichmond by Level 1
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I am assigned the PDA for my company, along with a colleague.  The customer company is unable to select either of us for a role, following the guidelines entitled 'Add Partners to the Portal and Assign Roles'.  Please help us to resolve this issue fo...

Same issue as the thread below (but I didn't want to hijack it with my own issue):   Summary: Deleted inventory, and...