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Cisco CSPC collector version 2.7 upgrade

Hi there I had a CSPC Collector running version 2.4, I updated to version 2.7 via cli, since then I am not being able to access it via GUI. When I had version 2.4 I was able to login to the GUI Collector interface with no issues.  heres: a lillte mor...

File import in SNTC is not showing any option to upload inventory

I am trying to upload my initial inventory but when I go to Library > Administration > File import I only see a message: " Please Select Any One Inventory."    When I check the inventories that I have under the pencil in the left-top corner, I see no...

IG777 by Beginner
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Problem Adding New User/ Error user is not associated with an external company

Hi I'm facing and issues in order to complete to add a user to SNTC, I received the following error:   If the checkbox for the role is not selectable, it is because the user is not associated with an external company, or the user is not a reseller of...

Resolved! Generic Device or Unknown status SNTC 2.7

After doing the discovery I have many devices with status Generic Device or Unknown, in the report that I export in the status of Reacheable this is false, In those devices already validate the configuration of SNMP and it is configured correctly. Th...

Resolved! Missing serial numbers in downloaded inventory file SNCT 2.7

When downloading the inventory file there are chassis, modules, fans, power sources that don´t come your serial number, on some devices it shows some serial numbers of its components but others do not, which could be the cause

no upload processing in portal after new collector deploy

Hi,   I recently deployed a collector for a customer but the upload process is still not showing up in cisco portal.   everything looks to be good on the collector side.   Customer name - SERVI*** collector name - CSPC*** Inventory  - CSPC Inventory ...

Resolved! No available roles to assign to users

Hello,   I have not signed into the total care portal for a few months (I don't remember the last time I did sign it). I am the delegated administrator. When I try to sign in I get taken to a Smart Service Connection web page that is asking me to reg...