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Hello,   After the update CSPC 2.7.1 came out, I applied the update.  Then I noticed that I was getting the "The tail-end gateway is not registered yet" error when I export or upload the inventory.  I'm now on CSPC  I re-exported my entitlem...

This refers to a new CSPC 2.7 build.   Can I ask for a definitive statement of how the CLI accounts are setup specifically in respect of login failures and account locking, as neither is covered within the ‘Quick Start’ or ‘CSPC User’ guides.   I hav...

So I am the admin for our company and yesterday I setup on the SNTC portal and was able to work with some imported devices and have full functionality.   Today I login and it seems my access has gotten munged somehow.   I get the "You are not entitle...