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Hi there, My customer did the registration on but he didn't receive the confirmation e-mail to accept and activate the portal. He tried to "resend e-mail" but it didn't work. Can you help us to complete the registration for this cu...

Hi... I've signed up on SNTC portal and I receive a confirmation that my request has been forwarded to my company's DA. But he doesn't receive any email notification or anything ? Where can he find my request so that he can approve it ?Also, he tried...

I can't seem to find any way to add any other members of my team to have access to the SNTC portal, and the documentation doesn't seem to cover how to do it. Do I need to be a "Delegated Administrator" to do this?

Hi,We are managing the SNTC portal for our customer as a service provider. I got access to SNTC from the DA of our customer, but he has left the company and I am not sure if there was another DA assigned. Is there a way to check? Also it is time for ...