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Hi all I have two questions, i created a new inventory with a new key, but it's now are not displayed in the global filters why?I am uploading with this new key but an internal server error appears, as shown in the attachment,is it not sent because t...


Hello everyone, I recently tried to upgrade cscp from version to version via the WEB GUI, but the upgrade does not take place.It doesn't show any error and when validating it doesn't generate any request, the screen is frozen and no u...

The April 2022 CSPC upgrade manual is missing important data to properly guide users to successful patching using the CLI.Here is the link to the guide at: CSPC Upgrade Guide ( pages in Chapter 3 should be updated to include steps taken ...

pcu-rebar by Level 1
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Hi,We have recently replaced couple of our switches, using same hostname, IP address and credentials for the new devices.  SNTC collector is able to discover the new devices.  Collector did upload new data to SNTC portal as scheduled.  Problem is the...

I'm trying to install a new CSPC. but the SNTC portal show the next message: "You do not currently have access to Smart Services Connection. You must be entitled to at least one Smart Services contract to request access".I already have a contract ass...

I can successfully access most of the necessary API endpoints that i need, but the CSAPI all return 403 forbidden.When accessing these I get 403 forbidden  (not real customer ID):GET


Hello,i am trying to create CSPC VM using the ISO on a Hyper-V. After installation using the ISO, the server reboots and starts loading but then it hangs on this screen. I understand hyper-v is not supported by cisco but it appears others have had th...


Hello,i am stuck in an infinity loop of trying getting access to the SNTC Portal.When i open the Website i get the message that i don´t have access to Smart Services Connection."You do not currently have access to Smart Se...

fabianfi by Level 1
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