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Collector Upgrade to

Good afternoon,


I'm having trouble upgrading the collector from version to version


Via the GUI, the "Upgrade Now" button is as if it were disabled and cannot be clicked;

Via CLI, I performed the upgrade procedure, where the collector arrived at version, but does not go until version Button via GUI remains unavailable, and via CLI, nothing happens. Still via GUI, it now displays the message in Status: Installed null (Image01).


In addition, after this latest upgrade, the upload processes are failing for the portal.


Any solution for this case?

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Jarrett Pomeroy
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Hi There,
You may want to try resetting the upgrade and running the upgrade manually again: More details can be found at this documents here ->
The Upgrade Guide is also available here ->
Thank you,

Good morning Jarret,


I validated and there are no upgrades in progress on the collector. Anyway, I tried to install it again and nothing happens ...


Below are the prints, both from "check_update" and "show apply", and also from the update tab via GUI.


What would be the next step in this resolution? Remembering that the upload to the portal stopped in this version (

Do we still need help, any feedback?

Hello Paqueta Calcados,
You may want to see if restarting your CSPC and trying to stop and re-apply the patches can help for it to successfully upgrade to the latest image. If this does not solve the issue, a new VM may need to be deployed to help get you on the latest version of CSPC and uploading again.
Thank you,

Good afternoon,


I had already made this attempt. Anyway, I did the process a little bit again, rebooted the VM and applied the update patch, but nothing changes, the scenario remains the same both via CLI and GUI.


Is there no other way to recover this collector than by creating another VM? And if not, which version is currently working correctly?