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CSPC Installation on VM Ware 6.5
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Hi SNTC Community,

Is there a CSPC setup guide for VM Ware 6.5?


The installation guide I can find seems to refer to 5.5:


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I have used the attached guide to install on 6.5 it works for me.


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Hi Balaji,

Unfortunately the quick start guide doesn't walk through the CSPC deployment with the vSphere client, this is quite different in 6.5 compared to 5.5

here is the steps i followed :


1. Downloaded OVA

2. vSphere Import OVA to deploy

3. Followed the steps as guided/

4. Once OVA deployed successfully.

5.Start the CSPC and do the basic IP configuration ( make sure your network and VLAN correctly configured)

6. Once password setup

7. You can login to Gui with CSPC IP.


what steps you have difficulties here ?



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Hi BB,

What I am looking for is a guide for CSPC provisioning in VM Ware with 6.5 (with screen shots), the VM Ware GUI looks entirely different in 6.5 compared to 5.5.

Does this exist? Thanks.

I do not believe you get step by step screen shot guide what you looking.

But to be honestly its simple steps like any other VM OVA/OVF installation.


Trying to understand what difficulties you are encounter the steps i have provided in the past post ?





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How to Ask The Cisco Community for Help

HI Bajali


If you look at Matt's original post there is a link to the Cisco Collection Software Installation and Configuration Guide. Within that guide (OVA installation) there are steps and screen shots on how to deploy the OVA. The screen shots and steps are taken from VSphere 5.5 client.


What Matt is asking for is an up to date OVA deployment guide with screen shots using VSphere 6.5?


Maybe he has a customer not confident deploying the OVA who is reliant on step by step (screen shot) guide.


We should also look at updating the documentation to reflect latest VSphere software versions.