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CSPC v2.8.1.4 root password


We had a storage interruption over the weekend and the appliance is asking for the root password to do a file system check before it will boot. Is it possible to get the root password so I can do this check and get the VM to boot up properly?

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Justin Sprake
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

By default, CLI user accounts 'root' and 'collectorlogin' are not instantiated during CSCP installation automatically and must be invoked via the following 'admin' (CLI) command(s):


#pwdreset [root] | [collectorlogin] 90


The above command will auto-generate a password string which must be securely recorded for later reference. The below document outlines this process:


Unfortunately, if these accounts have not been created then you may not be able to execute the file system check directly through the CLI. You may, however, choose to utilize the standard procedure for accessing CentOS' Single User mode to complete the restoration. Typically, this involves mounting the CentOS ISO as a boot disk and utilizing the rescue feature.

If you did not run that command at install, how can you run it in the future?

In my case, I have CSPC installed a VM - pretty sure I used the OVA. Apparently didn't run that command during install, or forgot the passwords, so am unable to SSH into the server. The VM console does not auto drop you into admin tool using the password.


I followed your advice about using boot disk. I used the CentOS 6 LiveDVD. Then I was able to mount the local disk following these instructions:

Once chrooted into local disk, I could edit the passwords using 'passwd', enable login by adjusting /etc/passwd, and adding the account collectorlogin to sudoers (just in case).

It is necessary now to run pwdreset?

Justin Sprake
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

With the passwd commands complete that should suffice; I would still recommend that your credentials for 'collectorlogin' and 'root' are functional (Note: You cannot SSH directly to the root account and must specify collectorlogin first, then switch user to 'root').


If these commands are not executed before a file system failure or an adminshell crash, then the only method available to initialize or reset the accounts is through recovery mode.

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