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DA cannot assign user outside company as CBR Admin/User



My Company DA cannot assign CBR user/admin outside the company,

When try to assign at CSAM the checkbox cannot selected,

I attach the checkbox error

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Justin Sprake
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If you are not receiving an error message but rather cannot effectively activate the check box, then I would suggest trying the process with a different browser, or changing the scale of the page you are viewing with CTRL + '-' to zoom out (CMD+Shift -/+ on Mac).

Hi thank you for the response,

The error is below int the attachment file,

when try to assign CBR the checkbox is not selectable,

could you help?

Can you confirm that the user you are attempting to on-board is an authorized reseller of your SNTC contract? Typically this results in the population of a bill-to ID within their CCO profile and is used to ensure that there is an existing relationship between the two business entities.

The user is not authorized reseller from our SNTC contract, the company buy it from somewhere else

But they manage the network service for us, and need to utilize the API to present out network

Could you help to associate it as CBR admin/user?


From the screenshot it looks like you're running Firefox?  I had the same problem with Firefox.  I switched to Safari and was then able to tick the checkbox as you would expect.  My advice would be to try a different web browser and see if that helps.


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