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How to open a TAC case for SNTC

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


What is the process of how to open a case via technical support for SNTC. I've tried finding this out, but whenever I search under products which should follow this structure: Cloud and Systems Management -> Services -> Smart Care Services then followed by the following two options Smart Care Collector or Smart Care Collector - Collector, the options simply do not come up.

Does anyone know? So in other words how should the customer open a case on CSPC/SNTC/ when they have smart assist and yes they have this covered under their current support contract?

Do they simply enter the contract number? 

I'd appreciate help on the matter.

Best Regards

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Private message sent with instructions

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Private message sent with instructions

Can I get the instructions for this?  I have getting the below. Hopefully I don't have to build from scratch.


CSPC 2.8 Don't boot we are getting the error:

Telling INIT to go to single user mode.

init: rc main process (xxxx) killed by TERM signal.

Give root password for maintenance

(or type Control-D to continue):


I tried Control-D, but it goes back to the same issue.

My admin password doesn't work here, this is look like a password to go into CentOS.

Hello Chad,

You can open a TAC case in the normal fashion through the Support Case Manager.  You will need to enter your Smart Assist or Asset Management contract number to use TAC.  Be sure to specify “Smart Services Capabilities” as the technology and provide the needed details as appropriate to the type of request (CSPC or Portal).


If you do not have one of those types of contracts then the team here will be able to help you with you question. Please open a separate discussion for the issue to allow the team to respond more effectively.


Regards, Tim

Thanks Tim.
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