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Inventory Delete and Partial Removal

Brett Walters

Okay - I am able now to remove old inventory collections thanks to the latest SNTC Portal updates.  Awesome.  But now how do I include my Call Manager systems *without* handsets in the discovery/upload?  I don't want the handsets cluttering the non-warranty items because they aren't going to be under warranty.  So I have a few parts to this:


1) How do I get the Call Manager in without the handsets - I don't see them in the re-discovered Unified Communications area where CM is after deleting and re-discovering them, but when I upload, they come back.

2) Why don't I see the 40 new 8865 phones at all?  It sees all the 7945G phones and reports them as not having warranty (which they don't).

3) If the Unified Communications items are going to drag handsets back in, can they be excluded from scheduled discovery/uploads or does the all become a manual process now instead?



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Jarrett Pomeroy
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Hello Brett,
Devices like Phones and Headsets are found on the CSPC while doing an Inventory/Collection Profile on your Call managers. These work in a similar fashion as a WLC and Access Points are identified and processed on the Portal. To view the collected data (and see your phones) you can click on the Collected Data button on the CSPC GUI and select "View Data" and explore the Call Managers and their data-sets to see all the collected results. You will find your phones under the data-set named "CISCO-CCM-MIB_ccmPhoneEntry". By default, our SNTC Collection Profile will collect this data-set, however if you wish to not collect anymore, you can clone the profile and remove this datasheet.

Thank you,

I will check this today - setup a new collection profile removing that, and add the CM's back in to management - then collect and upload.


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