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Nexus 2K (FEX) How to collect


While going through our SmartNet renewal, I was just made aware that none of our Nexus 2K FEX's are in my Collector nor Portal. Is there a way to get them in there since they don't have an IP address, basically just a model # and SN#?

Thanks in advance.


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Chris Camplejohn
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If you have a CSPC, then just ensure the "parent" switch (Nexus 5K, Nexus 7K) is in CSPC and it will collect all the data about the FEX.

Hello Chris,

I have the same issue. The parent switch is listed in the CSPC and all the switch details are correctly discovered, but, I don't see any of the 2K FEX modules.

Is there a discovery option that needs to be enabled to show the 2K FEX in the inventory list?

Nothing special to discover FEX.  They would show up as Chassis, not Module.

Okay, but, I don't see any FEX in the inventory at all.

How can I troubleshoot this issue?

Just checking on the device details and I do see the FEX interfaces listed in the "Interface Summary" report.

Just not seeing the actual FEX showing up as a device in the inventory list.

Select your inventory in question (I see you have multiple).  Then go to Library>Inventory>All Equipment.  You can filter on the PID column for N2 to see any PIDs for FEX (Nexus 2000).  Or you could filter on the Product Family.  Values would be either Cisco Nexus 2000 Series or N2000.

Those are there because I manually uploaded them.

The problem I have is that the CSPC does not show these N2K FEX in the inventory list.

Another Question:

How can I remove the inventory that was manually uploaded with the spreadsheet?

You won't see 2K in CSPC inventory because they cannot be directly managed.  They are seen through the SNMP MIB of their "parent" 5K or 7K.  Are you seeing the Nexus 5K or 7K parent switches in SNTC portal to which your 2K uplink?  If not, you'll never see the 2K and it would be a collection issue on the CSPC.

I only see CSV imports for your account.  It looks like the CSPC has never uploaded to the portal.

Our first CSPC upload was this past Monday 16th. I was told that it can take up to 48 hours to process. I still don't see this upload when I check the "Upload Processing" tab under "Administration".

How can I verify that the CSPC upload is being imported into our portal?

Why does this take so long?

Yes, the parent switch is in the SNTC portal and was manually uploaded together with the N2K FEX associated to it.

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