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SNTC Reporting - Chassis vs Modules and components

George D
Level 1
Level 1

how does the warranty work on a chassis. Does it cover any or all sub-components on a 6500 or 4500 chassis? 

i see a few modules on my chassis marked as not covered.




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Hi George,

Please excuse the delay in our response. An expert will reply shortly.



thanks, we have a renewal coming up so this will be helpful.

Could you please let me know how to discover modules for chasis while doing discovery.

Discovery will discover "manageable" devices and along with that collect all the associated inventory, which includes the modules. Those modules will be processed in the SNTC Portal and show up there in the inventory reports.



I really appreciate your quick response. I have few questions on CSPC and SNTC.


  • I have uploaded .csv file from CSPC to SNTC portal. After few hours I was able to see reports on SNTC but It didn’t include modules/sub-modules. Does it show only i directly upload from CSPC. Can you please let me know if I’m missing anything


I noticed you added on to an old thread from last november. Could you please ask you new questions in a new thread?

What I described for discovery applies to the CSPC doing the collection. If you upload a CSV, then SNTC Portal cannot "discover" anything else and only reports based on what you supply in the CSV.

Got it. Thanks,