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Transferring Ownership of ASA 5516-X

Evan Sheeks

Hi there,

I'm a new System Admin at my company of ~60 people and I'm working towards configuring our ASA 5516-X. We've hit a roadblock during configuration as it appears that whoever purchased the device for us several months ago had purchased it through a third party seller through Newegg. This has caused complications for me because it appears that the chassis serial number is linked to a support contract under a company that is not us, thus making it impossible for us to access support services. I've contacted the third party reseller, spoken to Cisco support, but no one has been able to give me a straight answer so far. We are wondering how we would go about transferring ownership (license, support contract, anything) to get this device registered under our name so we can have access to Cisco support and software for the device, specifically an AnyConnect image. I'm not even sure if this is possible, but I'd appreciate anyone guiding me in the right direction for this.

I'm starting to think that we will have no other choice but to purchase a brand new ASA 5516-X and transfer the configuration if we are unable to claim ownership for the device that we own on a physical level. Obviously, we need to be in complete control of our firewall in the building and have access to support services.

Thanks for any help! 

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