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Welcome to the Smart Net Total Care Community!

Our community includes Cisco experts to answer your questions about the Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) portal and CSP-Collector.
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David Dube
Cisco Employee

Cisco Technical Support Mobile App for iOS, Android & BlackBerry Devices

Over the summer, the Cisco Technical Support mobile app has undergone several enhancements.

For those not familiar with the mobile app, it is the definitive, one stop shop for all your support needs. Whether managing your, or your customer's support cases, researching software bugs, looking up contract and support coverage on your devices, or general support research, the Cisco Technical Support mobile app is there right by your side.

Where you can find the app:

iTunes: Cisco Technical Support on the App Store

Google Play: Cisco Technical Support - Android Apps on Google Play

Amazon Android Appstore (new): Cisco Technical Support: Appstore for Android


Recent Changes to the Cisco Technical Support Mobile App:


UI/UX Changes:

With the release of v3.12 in July, and v3.12.1, we spent some time focusing on the overall user experience. Not only will you notice a new App Icon and Splash Screen, there are several other UI enhancements made throughout the app to help improve the overall experience.

One of the biggest changes was around the responsiveness of the app. We were able to see at least a 30% increase in login time, significantly faster loading of case notes (varied by case - most noticeable with cases that had large numbers of notes).


BlackBerry Users

We even added a version of the app in the Amazon Android Appstore. BlackBerry users running BBOS 10.2.1 or later can download the Amazon Android Appstore app from the BlackBerry Appstore. Once installed, launch the Amazon Appstore app, and search for "Cisco Technical Support". You'll be able to install the app directly onto your BlackBerry Device.

Amazon Android Appstore Listing


Managing your Inventories with "My Devices"

In conjunction with a release on the Cisco Support Website, users can now put together a self-curated list of devices that they want to manage. You can either add devices by scanning the device barcode from the Cisco Technical Support mobile app, or you can go to the web to do a bulk upload. Users can add up to 1,000 devices at a time via a CSV file upload.

Note: The My Devices functionality is separate from Smart Net Total Care inventory management. My Devices is intended for managing a limited number of devices for customers who do not need the extensive reporting capabilities in Smart Net Total Care. At the moment, My Devices users are limited to a maximum of 5,000 devices.

My Devices on the Web

My Devices User Guide


We hope you find these updates helpful, and we have a number of exciting features coming soon.



Dave Dubé
Product Manager
Cisco Technical Support Mobile App

Cisco Employee

Thanks for sharing this, Dave! 

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