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Collector upload completes but nothing is being processed on the SNTC Portal

Hi SNTC community 


I have setup a new collector and it is registered to the SNTC portal (showing the version running on the collector) the collector successfully uploads but there is nothing showing on the SNTC portal to indicate that the data is being processed even after 5 days.  


Has anyone experienced this issue?





Cisco Employee

The correct flow of the process is Discovery --> collection --> uploads


Where discovery here means adding devices to the Managed device list

so there are Discovery Jobs to learn new devices

and there is Collection profile Jobs and it may be created but unnecessarily a Upload profile separately.  It is unnecessarily because when you run the Collection profile. it will do 4 Tasks ( 1 - Rediscover the devices fro managed list to ensure they have not changed, -2 do a minimal Device access Verification so not to retry too many iterations on the ones that do not pass, - 3 Inventory collection of the data -- and finally upload to the remote Cisco server at the end.


When was the last time you has done a Collection profile.?

Do you have created an upload profile?

please send me the following logs:


In deploying the  image  you would have created the cli admin password?  (java based shell authentication is not the same as the GUI)

If so have you also created/activated  the users collectorlogin and root ? (real linux shell)

If not do the following for the cli admin  shell

admin# pwdreset root 90


admin# pwdreset collectorlogin 90

it will activate those accounts and generate their passwords  ( keep them where you can refer to them in the future)

after that

Via SSH Login to collector as user collectorlogin and then use command below to connect as root (cannot connect directly)

# su root

and then the following commands and send me the output in private:



# tail -100 /opt/ConcsoTgw/tail-end-gateway-decoupled/bin/CONN_TEG_LOGS/tail-end-gateway.log

# openssl s_client -showcerts -connect

# tail -100 /opt/ConcsoTgw/tail-end-gateway-decoupled/bin/nohup.out

# wget --no-check-certificate