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CSPC - Collection Platform Software Updates


GUI for this feature in version 2.8 is no longer responsive. 


I get an alert that 2.8.1 is available for update.  When I navigate to the section and select "Get collection platform software updates" within the GUI, the browser shows a "Loading" pop-up and hangs for ~100 seconds before reverting back to the "Upgrade Collection Platform Software" screen.


This happens in the latest updates for Chrome, IE and Firefox


Hi James,

I've asked the team to take a look at this. We'll reply further shortly.


Supriya Patel
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



Please check for Known issue for GUI for 2.8 release using below link.


I would suggest you to upgrade using CLI user collectorlogin/root to collector. If you login to collector using CLI user 'admin' and provide me output of 'show version -d', I will provide you further steps for manual upgrade. To start with, here is the upgrade guide for upgrade process.






We need some information w.r.t the setup to understand more on this.


1. Is it a 2.8 OVA setup or a Collector upgraded to 2.8 ? 


2. Also can we get the output of "sh download" command from adminshell ?


3. It'd be helpful if we can get install and apply logs from /opt/LCM/logs location .  



Bharath S

My thanks for the response.  I have sent these instructions to our appliance manager's personnel to implement.  I will let you know how this fix works.

Further research found that the Java Process to run the Update is stopped and cannot be restarted:

 Hi twylyghtcisco


This process under "Manager Add-on Process" is just a link to the Software update addon tab and addon framework. Start and Stop of will not have any impact on the functionality or working with regards to the Software Updates tab. 


The information on the setup which is requested and output of adminshell command will help us to check the current state of the collector and thereafter we can look at the next steps to address the concern. 



Bharath S 

My thanks again for the response!  Our appliance admin did the following and our issue now appears to be resolved:



show version -d

        Build-name   : Collection Platform Software


        Package-type : ServicePack

        Version      : sp-30.1.0-1-0-lnx64

             Component : CSPC Base

             Version   :

        Package-type : JeOS

        Version      : jeos-30.1.0-1-lnx64

             Component : ConcsoTgw

             Version   : 1.7.3

             Component : AdminShell

             Version   : 1.8.1

             Component : Hardened CentOS

             Version   : 6.10 patch#0

             Component : LCM

             Version   : 1.8.1

             Component : CASP

             Version   :


Hi Experts,
I am about to install Smart Care 2.8 in virtual form, do you know what the difference is between the Ultra small and Small version, is there a limitation in the discovery of equipment?

Link :




I will appreciate your support.






ALWAYS OPEN A NEW DISCUSSION FORUM when the request deviates or is a new concern or request. In any case


I believe you mean SNTC (SmartnetTotal Care)  The ultra small is not supported . Ultra small was only designed for a small test lab. ex 2G MEM and  is not sufficient for processing as well not enough storage for production networks.  The minimal version for SNTC is the small and it has been benchmarked for 10K devices.   Even though is always best to plan for expansion you can use the below table as a guide


Hi Adias

You have the link of the information where you got the table with the amount of equipment supported.
I will thank you very much.

it was in house created there is no link associated with it

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