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Cisco Employee

When it crashes, what happens

When it crashes, what happens when you refresh the broswer page? Does it show you the login prompt or does it not bring up the collector at all? If it does show the prompt, then without running the reset command, does it allow you to log back in?

When I refresh the browser it

When I refresh the browser it takes me back to a login prompt, and I am able to log in, but nothing still works.

Cisco Employee

Go to Reports > Discovery

Go to Reports > Discovery Jobs, expand the most recent jobs by clicking the little + buttons and send me a screenshot.

Go to Reports > Inventory Jobs, expand the most recent jobs by clicking the little + buttons and send me a screenshot.

It could be that some recurring job is getting hung.

They are attached.  In

They are attached.  In addition, I took a screenshot of the scheduled inventory job I setup, which hasn't run since February 10th, and I had to force run it on that day after I reset the service.

A new notification started

A new notification started today.  I did a discovery, and then ran the collection profile.  The screenshot is what is constantly popping up now during the collection profile.  Never have seen that message before.

This server is becoming useless.  Anytime I want to do anything, I need to reset the service.  I can't schedule anything because it always fails because of this.

Is it possible to run a backup, and then restore the backup to the new server I built?

Cisco Employee

Hello Michael.

Hello Michael.

Do you happen to know if the devices causing this issue is possibly a third party device?

You can check to see if you have any third party devices in the option: Reports -> Managed Devices. Look at the "Vendor Name" column.

As far as the backup option, this is located under: Administration -> Backup.

However, because of the various problems you seem to have encountered, I would suggest to rather than performing the "full" backup, you simply backup the essential data; device credentials and currently managed devices.

Then only restore those onto the second collector.

To obtain the list of managed devices, click on Reports -> Managed Devices. Then click on the blue arrow to the right of the search box, select CSV format for simplicity. On your other collector you can run a discovery of known IP addresses, copying and pasting the IPs from the exported file.

Finally, use the export/import feature in the option: Settings -> Device Credentials to backup/restore them from collector to collector. For this I recommend the Pari Device Credentials Repository (.xml) format.



I don't have any non-cisco

I don't have any non-cisco equipment or non-supported equipment in my inventory.

I already did a full backup and full restore to the new server, and it appears to have transferred the issue over.  So now, I am building another new server, and will use the method you recommend.


I built a new server using

I built a new server using the OVA from Cisco (actually, I built 4).  I had them build on different hosts, and even different host hardware (Dell vs Cisco UCS).  Everytime I get the same issue.  The latest one, built it, pur a basic configuration on it (IP, DNS, NTP, and Timezone), then logged in, imported the license, and followed the steps above to import my credentials, and did a fresh discovery using the IP addresses of my devices.

Came in this morning, logged in ok using the admin account, but tried running a backup and it failed.  Everything seemed ok, so I reset the service, waited, logged back in, and was able to run a backup.  Ran the collection profile as well this morning, after the reset, and it ran fine and uploaded to the portal.

I'm going to schedule some stuff (backup and inventory collection), and see what happens. 

Cisco Employee

Hi Michael,

Hi Michael,

Glad you're having some luck. Hold off on doing anything with backups for now, since it sounds like it might be a bug related to that. We're going to try to replicate it on our side.



Cisco Employee

Hi Michael,

Hi Michael,

I just wanted to check in on you. We maybe have identified an issue where the CSPC is accepting SNMP traps which is causing connectivity issues for some customers.

If you run the command:

sudo touch $CSPCHOME/donotStartSyslog $CSPCHOME/donotStartSnmpTrap $CSPCHOME/donotStartFtp $CSPCHOME/donotStartTftp; chown casuser:casusers $CSPCHOME/donot* ; service cspc restart

It should disable the traps server on the collector. Let me know either way.



I ran the command on the

I ran the command on the server.  I will let you know if I still see this issue.



This didn't help anything. 

This didn't help anything.  Ran that command right before I posted yesterday, and checked my scheduled inventory job that was supposed to run this morning and it failed.  Also, getting errors trying to access some things on the collector gui.

Cisco Employee

Is the collector that you set

Is the collector that you set up without the backups still working?

No, none of the 4 servers I

No, none of the 4 servers I setup have ever worked properly.

Cisco Employee

Hello Michael,

Hello Michael,

It looks like the first commands did not take effect properly.

Can you please trying running each command one by one?


sudo touch /opt/cisco/ss/adminshell/applications/CSPC/donotStartSyslog

sudo touch /opt/cisco/ss/adminshell/applications/CSPC/donotStartSnmpTrap

sudo touch /opt/cisco/ss/adminshell/applications/CSPC/donotStartFtp

sudo touch /opt/cisco/ss/adminshell/applications/CSPC/donotStartTftp

sudo chown casuser:casusers /opt/cisco/ss/adminshell/applications/CSPC/donot*

collector restart


Please let me know if there are any questions.

Thank you,


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