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Michael Percival

CSV File Import


I did a CSV file import of 4 switches Friday 4/8.  It is still showing as processing on the portal.  Also, I ran an inventory on my collector Sunday morning, it shows it finished successfully, yet I don't see it in upload processing.



Rafal K.
Cisco Employee

Dear Michael,

I understand that after running the collection profile on your CSPC GUI, you've saw, that the upload was successful.

Have you got a chance to check on the SNTC portal, whether this upload has appeared in the que-que as "IN PROGRESS"?

You can check this in the SNTC Porta --> Library --> Administration --> Upload Processing

If the upload is not visible in that place it could mean, that the backend has not started to process this file, or the file has not reached the backend.

I would advise to wait 1 business day, and check this on the portal again. It the upload will not appear, I recommend to raise a TAC case to Cisco's SNTC Portal Team (SNTC Portal and Reports).

Kind regards,

Rafal Komorowski

I did a CSV file import on the portal on 4/8. The portal shows it is still processing, it has been 4 business days now. I have a weekly scheduled inventory that happens on my CSPC. It ran Sunday (4/10) morning successfully and has yet to show up on the portal. It has been 3 business days. Also, I don't believe I can open a TAC case, as I was under the impression this product is all community supported. Thanks, Mike

Hi Michael,

Apologies for coming back late with my reply.

We are currently experiencing some issues with the backend server. A bug has been created (CSCuy13530 ) and the fix should be deployed soon.

Together with the next release of the SNTC portal - 3.4 we are planning to introduce a new feature which will optimize the upload queue to decrease the delays.

I don't recommend trying to upload the file several times - one after another.

At the moment - if it does not appear immediately in the SNTC Upload Processing - it does not mean, that it has not reached the backend. Uploading the file multiple time (one after another) could even make the processing longer.

What I would suggest is to just try to upload the CSV one more time, and check whether it is working now.



Rafal Komorowski

The CSV file import I did on April 8 failed.  I started a new one this morning.

Also, my weekly inventory that I run on my CSPC has successfully run, but has not uploaded to the portal in 2 weeks.



Also, with the update to 3.4, how long does it now take to process a CSV file?

Hi Machael ,

Upload processing dependents on several factors such as traffic, system load, file size, etc. and can take up to 48 hours to process.  still your upload is in processing state . Due to heavy load on our servers uploads are taking more time to complete .I am monitoring your upload once upload processed successfully i will update you.



Does the CSV import process block the collector from uploading inventory?  Ever since I have been trying to get this CSV file imported, none of my collectory inventories have uplaoded.  You can see on the portal the last one was 4/3.  I have weekly inventories scheduled, and I ran one manual yesterday, and none of them have shown up on the portal.

Dear Micheal,

The problems that you have observed last week (uploads not processing) was caused by a bug on the back-end. This week the SNTC Portal had a new release to 3.5.

Can you please retrigger the uploads again and check now, how they behave?



Both my CSV imports were processed successfully.

Thank you,


I just realized my csv file has a bad serial number.  Would that cause the import to fail, or take a long time?

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